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Helen Flanagan and her children spent 11 days apart as they holiday with her ex



Helen Flanagan has revealed she felt like “such a horrible mummy” after her three children headed off on holiday with her ex Scott Sinclair for nearly two weeks.

The actress shared a video of herself being reunited with her kids to Instagram yesterday (May 26). Helen shares Matilda, eight, Delilah, five, and Charlie, three, with footballer Scott.

And, part of their co-parenting agreement means time away from the children for both parents – but it’s something Helen seems to struggle with.

Helen Flanagan looking straight to camera
Helen Flanagan has just spent 11 days away from her children (Credit: Splash News)

Helen Flanagan on ‘guilt’ at being away from her children

“Not seen my babies for 11 days as they were in Dubai with their daddy,” she shared. “I feel such a horrible mummy for not seeing them and guilty but I think it’s important for them to have a nice time with their daddy. I suppose mum guilt never goes no matter what you do.”

She then added: “They went on holiday with their lovely nanna too which helps me as I get lots of pictures of them looking really happy.”

Helen then addressed how she’s coping with her split now. “Feeling in such a better place then I did this time last year and I think it’s just time, it’s a massive healer. I look back at myself this time last year and I can give myself kindness and compassion for maybe looking for love in the wrong places and numbing how I felt.”

She added: “As mummys we just do our best at that time. Maybe I’ve not always got it right but always had the right intentions.”

‘I needed space to get my head together’

Helen then reflected on how motherhood has changed her.

“I feel like I’ve changed so many times since Matilda was born. We have grown together and our bond is really special. Charlie was one when me and his dad split.

“I remember in the build up to us separating I was still breastfeeding and I couldn’t get my baby boy off the boob. It made me feel quite trapped and stuck as I couldn’t do anything on my own independently. My baby needed to be stuck with me all the time. He would just cry for me – maybe because everything felt a lot emotionally.

“When I finally got Charlie off the boob at 14 months with help from a nanny I needed my space to get my head together and to feel like my own person and not just a mother but a woman too.”

Helen Flanagan admits ‘it all felt a bit sad’

“I do feel guilty for maybe not being as present with Charlie as I was with the girls. I struggled to sit and just play with him. To be honest I struggled to be in the house too much as it all felt a bit sad.

“Their daddy moved away for football and originally he surprised me with our family home that me and the kids live in. I suppose at the beginning I just didn’t want to take on the reality that it really was just me now and the three little ones. That was just a bit much for me.”

Helen concluded her post: “The beginning of the year was tricky and I felt so guilty for not being my best. I know I’ll have such a beautiful relationship with Charlie and the girls. Feel in such a happier place this summer and I’m so grateful.”

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First look as Toyah gets hospital news




Coronation Street spoilers for next week see Toyah complain of bad stomach pains and end up in hospital with Leanne and Nick by her side.

Elsewhere, Steve and Cassie team up to get revenge on Tommy Orpington.

All this and more in Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

1. Toyah’s hospital news

Toyah talking to Leanne on Corrie

Toyah’s disgusted when she finds Leanne showing Amy an Institute video to help relieve her stress. When she finds out that she’s considering investing, her anger worsens.

Nick, Leanne and Toyah in hospital on Corrie as a doctor talks to them

Later on, Toyah tells Nick that she has really bad stomach pains as Nick finds her on the floor in agony. Leanne and Nick then accompany Toyah at the hospital as the doctor drops a huge bombshell on them.

Toyah, Nick and Leanne in the hospital on Corrie

With Toyah, Leanne and Nick struggling to process the news, the doctor soon gives Toyah some more information that leaves her even more overwhelmed. But, what’s wrong with Toyah? And, can Leanne and Nick support her through it?

2. Cassie and Steve want revenge

Steve’s devastated when he finds out that Sally and Tim have ditched his birthday celebrations to attend the unveiling of Tommy O’s bust.

Cassie then offers to drive Steve to the party to have it out with his friends. As they arrive, they then conjure up a way to get revenge on Tommy O… After Cassie and Steve’s meddling, Steve tries to rope Tim in to help cover his tracks.

However, Debbie soon finds out what they’ve been up to. How will Steve explain himself to Debbie?

3. Gemma and Paul discover their secret sibling

Kit talking to Gemma and Bernie on Corrie

Bernie waits to meet up with Kit to talk about how they’ll tell the twins about his true identity. However, she has no idea that Kit is currently telling his siblings the truth at the flat.

Kit talking to Gemma and Paul on Corrie

Bernie’s left feeling disheartened when she confides in Dev about he struggle she’s facing in getting her children together. But, can anything be done to help them bond?


ED Coronation Street WhatsApp call to action advert

4. Nina tries to help Roy

Nina, Shona and Evelyn team up to conjure up a plan to cheer Roy up. They soon pretend that Shona’s called in sick so that Roy will leave the flat and return to work.

In a desperate measure to help Roy, Nina sets of the smoke alarm as Roy puts on his pinny. The plan works and Roy agrees to return back to work.

5. Shona and Bethany investigate

Bethany shows the company credit card statement from Lazaret to Shona who soon picks up on a supermarket transaction.

Shona then suggests that it might have been a ‘click and collect,’ hoping that there’s CCTV footage. Will Bethany capture the culprit?

6. DS Swain is onto Sarah

DS Swain does some digging and realises that someone paid Nathan hush money to drop the case, as Kit informs Sarah about the investigation.

At the police station, DS Swain questions Sarah and asks her if she bought Nathan’s silence for the attack. Will Sarah fess up?

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Coronation Street usually airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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First look as Laurel collapses




Our Emmerdale spoilers for next week see Gabby rush to tend to an ill Laurel after finding her collapsed onto the floor following a row with Jai.

Elsewhere, Matty finds a friend in his cellmate Les.

All this and more in our Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

1. Laurel collapses

Laurel looks angry as Jai talks on Emmerdale

Jai admits to Laurel that he doesn’t have it in him to tell Suni the truth, with Laurel being left furious with Jai’s decision. With tensions high, Jai then insults Ashley before being urged to leave.

Laurel and Jai argue on Emmerdale

When Jai’s gone, Laurel starts to feel dizzy and collapses onto the floor. She’s unable to reach for her phone as it rings.

Laurel unconscious on Ememrdale

Gabby turns up and finds Laurel struggling to breathe, ringing for an ambulance. She then calls Jai who becomes irritated with the numbers of times she’s trying to contact him.

Gabby on the phone as Laurel lies unconscious on Emmerdale

At The Hide, Jai tries to build up the courage to tell Suni the truth just as he answers the phone and finds out that Laurel’s not well. Will Suni continue to be kept in the dark? And, what’s wrong with Laurel?

2. Charity worries about Belle

Charity talks to Belle on Emmerdale

With the Dingles asking questions about her relationship with Tom, Belle urges Charity to back off. Belle’s close to opening up but spots Tom in the corner of her eye and ends up shoving Charity away.

Charity talks to Belle on Emmerdale

With the Dingles starting to accuse Charity of overreacting, Tom applies for a job in a remote part of Wales. Afterwards, Tom suggests that he takes Belle on a cottage holiday. But, what does he really have planned?

3. Josh gets under Moira’s skin

Moira and Cain kiss and makeup and agree to work as a team in the future. Later on, Josh invites Sarah out for lunch but Moira and Cain soon turn up and put an end to the idea.

Cain tells Josh to leave Sarah alone. But, will he understand the message?

4. Matty opens up to cellmate Les

With Robbo trying to find out everything he can about Matty, Les defends Matty. Les then starts training Matty on how to act in prison so that he won’t get targeted.

With Les helping him out, Matty then finds the courage to open up to him and reveals that he’s transgender.

Les then questions Matty over his decision to go to a male prison before telling him that he’ll mind his own business. However, he warns him that the other prisoners might not react the same way…

5. Charles wants answers from Caleb

With Ethan’s hit-and-run case being dropped, Caleb brings a drunk Charles back to his place. Things take a turn though when Charles spills some coffee on the floor and fetches a cloth…

Whilst attempting to clean up the spillage, Charles spots an invoice before giving Caleb a lift into town. However, he soon parks the car at the woods and takes a stroll whilst bringing up the topic of the hit-and-run.

When Charles’ warmth starts to disappear, Caleb tries to return to the car but is stopped in his tracks as Charles produces the invoice he found earlier.

Charles believes that the invoice is evidence that Caleb was involved in the hit-and-run. Will Charles get the answers he seeks?

6. Mandy offends Rhona

With Mandy and Paddy joining Marlon and Rhona for a games night, Mandy admits that Rhona isn’t great company. Things soon turn sour as the games night fails to provide any fun…

Paddy then advises Mandy to apologise to Rhona. Will she though?

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Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays

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Prince William ‘turns page on brother Harry’ after ‘nightmare’ year




Prince William has “turned the page” on his relationship with brother Prince Harry, it has been claimed.

According to MailOnline, and amid claims of a rift between King Charles’ sons, the “trust” between the two has changed.

Additionally, the news outlet claims William was in need of support from his sibling more than ever over the last 12 months. That’s because he has endured a “nightmare” year.

But even though their father and William’s wife Kate have both suffered cancer diagnoses, MailOnline believes the moment has passed for Harry to ‘help out’.

Prince William and family look up
Prince William and his family came together for a public appearance during Trooping the Colour on the balcony of Buckingham Palace (Credit:

Prince William and Prince Harry ‘rift’ news

Having recently celebrated turning 42, MailOnline lays out that Wills’ hectic schedule demonstrates how different life is to last year.

This time last year William was the new Prince of Wales, following his father’s accession. His and Kate’s kids had settled into their new school and the family were living at Windsor.

However, following the recent Trooping the Colour, William has balanced family time with attending several events. In the last week he appeared at the Garter parade, Royal Ascot, and supported the England football team in Frankfurt.

Offering emotional support to his family while continuing his royal duties is expected to continue for months.

And MailOnline rues that he was unable to call on the support of Harry.

King Charles and Prince William pose for pics
King Charles has been diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer (Credit:

‘It will be never anything more than superficial’

Richard Kay writes in the article: “But for all the honeyed words of friends that Harry is ­prepared to do his bit at a time of royal crisis, that ship has surely sailed.”

Furthermore, the correspondent does not envisage any making up in the near future.

Prince William looks serious
Could a ‘reconciliation’ happen? (Credit:

He wrote: “While the King hankers for the day when he can see his Sussex grandchildren without the ­rancour that seems permanently to ­surround relations with his ­California-based son, William has, as a friend says, ‘turned the page’ on that chapter of his life.”

William has, as a friend says, ‘turned the page’ on that chapter of his life.

A source told the publication: “Whatever might happen in the future, the trust that was implicit in his relationship with Harry is gone for good. Even if it is possible that some kind of ­managed reconciliation could be achieved, it will be never anything more than superficial.”

ED! has approached Kensington Palace for comment on MailOnline’s story.

Prince William birthday

The Prince of Wales recently marked his birthday. Royal correspondent Jennie Bond told OK! magazine that William has faced a “difficult wake-up call” this past year due to Charles and Kate’s health woes.

She said: “Birthdays can so often be a time to take stock, and William has a great deal to reflect on this year. At 42, he has had a difficult wake-up call that has cruelly unsettled the life he was happily enjoying.”

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