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Rev Richard Coles on new romance following husband’s death



Rev Richard Coles – who is on the Great Celebrity Bake Off tonight (Sunday, April 14) – sadly lost his husband back in 2019.

Last year, four years on from his husband’s death, Richard opened up about finding love again, having previously thought he never would.

Richard Coles and David smiling in a selfie while out for a walk
David died in 2019 (Credit: Channel 4)

Rev Richard Coles on death of his husband

Back in 2019, just before Christmas, Richard’s husband, David, died.

David had been battling alcoholism for several years, something Richard claimed his late husband was “deeply ashamed” of.

Speaking in 2021, Richard confessed that he wished he’d spent more time with David.

“I realised, suddenly, that in trying to fill my life with as much incident and interest as I could I had neglected important things of home and hearth. I wish I’d spent more time with David. I wish I’d prioritised doing nothing with David more. Not seeing that as a holiday from things, but as the centre of thing,” he told The Guardian.

Rev Richard Coles speaking on GMB
Richard has spoken openly about the death of his husband (Credit: ITV)

‘David was the love of my life’

He also admitted he sits by David’s grave and speaks to him.

“It’s such a trope of sentimental films, isn’t it? That you sit by the lost one’s grave and talk to them. But actually one of the conversations I have with David in death is to take the [bleep] out of him. I tease him for lying in ignominy, now, in such an insalubrious corner of the churchyard. He would have hated it. He did like his luxuries,” he said.

Later in the interview, Richard waved away the idea of finding love again.

“The possibility of romance is so far from my imaginable life that I can’t even countenance it. I’m not saying I want to sit in the corner stirring polenta in a black shawl for ever. But David was the love of my life. And I just can’t imagine ever having two of those,” he said.

Richard Coles at Strictly promo
Richard found love again (Credit:

Rev Richard Coles on finding love again

Last July, during an appearance on Lorraine, Richard spoke about finding love again with actor Dickie Cant.

Richard ‘Dickie’ Cant has appeared in several well-known TV shows, including Doctor Who, The Crown and It’s A Sin.

“I wanted to meet someone who had been around the block and wanted to share a life with someone. I thought I was out of the game when David died,” Richard said.

He then went on to say that losing David and then heading back into the dating scene made him feel like “a polar bear coming out of hibernation and looking for a seal”.

However, he revealed that dating apps gave him some confidence.

Dickie Cant in Doctor Who
Dickie was in an episode of Doctor Who in 2007 (Credit: BBC)

Richard and Dickie Cant

During an interview with The Sunday Times, Richard revealed that his first date with Dickie was at a Royal Horticultural Society “because that’s what old gays do”.

He confessed that he knew he’d want to see Dickie again before they’d even finished their lunch. “And then it just went very quickly, really,” he said.

Speaking on Kaye Adams’ podcast last year, he said: “Here’s an odd thing about meeting a new person. Most of the people in my life, my closest friends, are family to me really. We’ve known each other for 40 years. I haven’t got 40 years to devote to somebody else or to uncover stuff about them, so you try and cut to the chase.

“So, me and Dickie, my new bloke, he’s got his own history too. We have to sort of find a sort of shorthand for all that stuff because we simply haven’t got time to get it all in the bank if you see what I mean,” he then continued.

“So, it’s interesting. And I said the other day – I think our legs have taken us further than our journey ought to have gone. Because it’s just faster. Because we haven’t got time. And because we’re heading in the same direction we know where we want to go. So we’re shifting along nicely.”


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The Great Celebrity Bake Off airs tonight (Sunday, April 14) at 7.40pm on Channel 4. 

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Fans declare Sydnie Christmas their winner




Britain’s Got Talent tonight (Wednesday, May 29) saw another bunch of contestants perform with the hope of booking a slot in the final.

Amongst those performing tonight was Sydnie Christmas – and her performance went down so well that some fans don’t think there’s any need for a final!

Sydnie Christmas on Britain's Got Talent
Sydnie performed tonight (Credit: ITV)

Britain’s Got Talent tonight: Sydnie Christmas performs

Tonight’s edition of BGT saw Sydnie close the show with a powerful performance of Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

In her audition, Amanda Holden hit the golden buzzer, sending Sydnie straight through to the semi-finals.

Sydnie sent the crowd wild with her stunning rendition of the song – and the judges were in tears watching.

All four gushed over her performance, with Amanda confessing that more people had spoken to her about sending Sydnie through to the semi-finals with her golden buzzer than any other golden buzzer act she’d sent through before.

“You are a superstar in the making,” Alesha said. Simon was full of praise too, branding people who’d auditioned Sydnie and rejected her “idiots”.

Sydnie Christmas singing on Britain's Got Talent
Sydnie’s performance wowed fans (Credit: ITV)

Fans declare Sydnie their winner

Viewers were just as impressed with Sydnie’s performance as the judges.

Many took to Twitter to declare the 28-year-old their winner.

“No need for a final. She is a winner,” one fan tweeted. “There’s your winner right there…just love her,” another said.

“Don’t normally agree that singers should be on this, but, that’s my outright winner right there!” a third gushed.

Winner of #BGT standing there! Sydnie Christmas is in a league of her own,” another wrote. 

Sydnie Christmas on Britain's Got Talent tonight
Sydnie is through to the final! (Credit: ITV)

Britain’s Got Talent tonight: Sydnie

As the show came to an end, the contestants found out whether they were going home – or had found themselves in the final three.

Sydnie found out that she was in the final three – and then immediately learned that she had won tonight’s semi-final!

Fans were thrilled. “Head and shoulders above the rest. And a deserving winner. Well done Sydnie Christmas,” one fan tweeted.

“Sydnie Christmas will win The Final,” another predicted. “Yes Sydnie is through!” a third wrote.

She was joined in the final by Mike Woodhams.

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Britain’s Got Talent continues tomorrow (Thursday, May 30) at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX. 

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Duncan’s pogo stick act slammed by fans




Britain’s Got Talent tonight (Wednesday, May 29) was the third live semi-final of the series.

Duncan Murray and his pogo stick was among the acts taking part tonight – but fans weren’t overly impressed.

Duncan Murray speaking to camera on Britain's Got Talent tonight
Duncan took part in tonight’s show (Credit: ITV)

Britain’s Got Talent tonight: Duncan Murray in the semi-final

Tonight’s BGT semi final opened with a show-stopping performance from Canadian contestant Duncan Murray.

Duncan, 22, went through to the live semi-finals after impressing the judges with his pogo stick skills.

During his auditions, using his pogo stick, he jumped over both Ant and Dec – drawing rapturous applause from the audience.

For tonight’s performance, he went even bigger – if that’s even possible!

In a pre-recorded segment, Duncan was seen jumping over cars outside the arena, before heading inside.

Duncan Murray and his fellow pogo-stickers on Britain's Got Talent tonight
Duncan was joined by two other pogo stickers (Credit: ITV)

Ducan’s act divides judges

In the arena, Duncan was joined by two other people on pogo sticks.

Together, they bounced around the stage, jumping between boxes, and doing impressive flips.

At one point during the act, Duncan jumped over the judges and their table.

At the end of the act, Amanda, Alesha, and Bruno gushed over Duncan’s performance, excitedly telling him how he’d upped his performance from the audition.

However, Simon wasn’t as impressed. He also thought that being joined by two others on pogo sticks drew the attention away from Duncan.

Duncan Murray wearing a helmet after his act on Britain's Got Talent tonight
Duncan’s act didn’t go down well (Credit: ITV)

Britain’s Got Talent: Fans slam Duncan’s act

Fans of the show weren’t overly impressed with Duncan’s act – or with the fact that part of it had been pre-recorded. They took to Twitter to moan.

“Thought the whole point of the semi-finals was that the contestants have to perform LIVE! Why is he allowed to pre-record some of his act? How many attempts did he get to get it right? The other LIVE acts know get one chance!” one fan grumbled.

“There are some acts that I just don’t understand how they got through to the semis , this is one of them,” another said.

“What the hell is this nonsense?” a third then fumed. “Pre-recorded! How is that fair to the other acts?” another then asked.

“‘Some of it needed to be prerecorded’. If it can’t be done live it shouldn’t be part of the live performance. Bore off,” a fifth then fumed.

However, some fans enjoyed Duncan’s act.

Duncan!! So good to see something different on a talent show!” one fan gushed.

Read more: James Jordan sparks backlash with divisive comment about BGT’s overseas acts: ‘Why does it matter where they’re from, James?!’

Britain’s Got Talent continues tomorrow (Thursday, May 30) at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX. 

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Here’s why you recognise actress Bharti Patel




Maya Houssain arrives in EastEnders tonight, and immediately hits it off with Harvey Monroe.

Since Mitch and Rocky left Walford, Harvey’s been a bit lonely, and partner Jean has been encouraging him to make new friends.

But we’re not sure fellow Tottenham Hotspur fan Maya is exactly who Jean meant!

Harvey bumps into Maya – a cab customer – and they chat about Spurs.

And he’s pleased the following day when she comes back to the Square and gives him a vintage football programme. The pair happily chat about their favourite sport, but Jean’s not too pleased.

Maya smiles in EastEnders
Maya hits it off with Harvey (Credit: BBC)

Who plays Maya Houssain?

Maya is played by actress Bharti Patel.

She’ll be a familiar face to soap fans as she has been a regular in BBC’s Doctors.

She plays midwife Ruhma Hanif, who was a love interest for Heston Carter. The couple eventually married and Ruhma was devastated when Heston was killed in an accident.

Bharti is still part of the cast in Doctors, which is on our screens until December. The soap has been axed – much to the disappointment of its devoted fans

Ruhma Carter (BHARTI PATEL) in Doctors
Bharti plays Ruhma Carter in Doctors (Credit: BBC)

What else has Bharti been in?

Soap fans might also recognise Bharti’s voice as she’s played several roles in the BBC Radio 4 soap, The Archers!

She also appeared in TV dramas The Undeclared War, Ten Percent and Don’t Forget the Driver.

Maya and Harvey look troubled as they talk over drinks in EastEnders
Maya opens up to Harvey next week (Credit: BBC)

Is Maya staying in EastEnders?

EastEnders has confirmed Maya is only in the soap for a guest role. However she will appear again next week.

Harvey loses her number so gets Tommy’s help to track her down online. But Maya then turns up in Walford on Tuesday June 4, fuming with Harvey.

She tells him he should not have gone through her socials. Harvey is apologetic and invites her for a drink. Maya accepts and the pair head to The Albert.

Maya then opens up to Harvey explaining her husband died last year. It’s clear the pair are bonding over more than just football.

Maya later leaves, but Harvey notices she has forgotten her hat. He once again visits her socials online to send her a message saying he has it for her. However he finds her account has been deleted.

Harvey gets really down about losing touch with her, so Jean tries to help. She takes him on a boys’ night out with a football team. But will it cheer him up?

And, just what is going on with mysterious Maya? Will Harvey ever see her again? Or has she now gone for good?

Read more: Who is leaving EastEnders this year?

EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

For all the latest soap spoilers, news and chat come and join us at Soap Daily now! 

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