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Navigating the Bull Market: 5 Essential AI Altcoins to Have in Your Portfolio



Estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 37% over the next six years, the global artificial intelligence (AI) market is replete with opportunities that industries are rushing to tap into. 

One of the key sectors where AI has found widespread application is cryptocurrency. If users scan the latest list of top crypto coins, they can easily spot multiple AI-focused tokens that are posting regular growth. However, some platforms have come up with important updates that might help them outperform other coins. 

The combination of AI with Web 3.0 offers benefits like enhanced flexibility and scalability for cryptocurrencies — a key reason why innovators are experimenting with the two technologies. 

As the crypto sector benefits from the explosive growth of AI, users are also eager to invest and benefit from the potential of AI-led coins. Apart from diversifying a portfolio, these tokens enable crypto users to enjoy an edge over other asset owners and gain from technological advancements. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the potential of AI-based altcoins, here’s a brief description of five of the top AI altcoins. 


1.InQubeta: Crowdfunding made easier for AI startups 


A leading crypto project, InQubeta is one of the recommended presales of this year. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, the platform enables crypto users to invest in AI projects created by startups in exchange for a stake in the enterprise. 

Whether it’s investments or tax payments, the only mode of payment within the InQubeta ecosystem is its native cryptocurrency known as the QUBE token. 

The total number of tokens minted by the team is 1.5 billion. Out of the total supply, 65% is meant for public sale, and the remaining is to meet expenses like marketing, developer fees, legal payments, and funding staking rewards.

The availability of the QUBE token in the market will vary with the market conditions. Whenever inflation or volatility is on the rise, the availability of the token is reduced to make it difficult to acquire. The supply gap will push the asset value by controlling price fluctuations. If the supply increases, it’s reduced again by burning the unwanted tokens.

Another occasion when the token burn mechanism is activated is when internal inflation is high. The team burns 1% of tax proceeds from every transaction and limits the number of QUBE tokens entering circulation.

The ERC-20 token has hit the headlines with its presale success. So far, its cryptocurrency ICO has raised over $12.8 million. Early buyers of presale can potentially receive huge profits in the long term.

The platform has developed a screening process for startups interested in submitting investment proposals. Once a startup clears the review, its proposal is tokenized into NFTs. These NFTs represent AI projects and are sold at an exclusive portal. 

Crypto users can compare these projects or choose to invest in different ones through fractional investment at the NFT marketplace. 

Though they might have solved the problem of funding, startups still have a long way to go before their project hits the market. To make the journey easier, InQubeta helps startups get guidance from industry leaders with its business development services. 

The InQubeta network comprises professionals with vast experience who could mentor startups and help them understand the nitty gritty of the AI sector. The community can also be instrumental in making startups’ marketing campaigns more impactful and spreading awareness about the brand. 

For making decisions about the platform, InQubeta leverages the decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) model where token holders play a crucial role in approving proposed changes or protocol upgrades. 

Every pitched suggestion is put to a vote where only token holders can participate. If the proposals get the majority vote, they are implemented.

By involving stakeholders in decision-making, InQubeta ensures that every proposal is thoroughly reviewed before being implemented. 

The QUBE token is also being appreciated in the crypto community because it makes it easier for people to earn passive income. As InQubeta has a staking mechanism, these tokens can be staked to support the blockchain’s growth. For as long as the tokens are staked, their owners will be earning crypto rewards.

The team’s plans include rolling out a staking dApp. Given how token owners can earn with staking without having to sell the asset, staking is a beginner-friendly crypto activity. An exclusive dApp would enable more crypto users to leverage the service. 

To take the platform to greater heights, the InQubeta team has designed a roadmap for its development. The plan comprises new partnerships, launches, and features that would benefit crypto users and help the network expand its accessibility. 

There are also plans to get the token integrated with a centralized exchange. 

Join InQubeta Presale


2.’s YouTube channel hits new milestone is a good crypto to buy for anyone looking to build AI-led services. The platform’s native token FET is used as a medium to exchange for these services. The open-source platform is helping create AI-centric economies where developers can transform legacy systems without needing to change APIs. has been drawing creators and developers with its AI agents. These are modular blocks that can be integrated into platforms and programmed to execute custom tasks. These AI agents can be combined with other agents to pave the way for bespoke business models and use cases. 

These agents can negotiate on behalf of the creators and help in scaling business models seamlessly.

If people are unsure of how to start using these AI agents, they can refer to the resources and documentation available on the website for guidance. 

In a recent development, announced that its official YouTube channel has clocked 10,000 subscribers. The development is a reflection of how more people are exploring the opportunities offered by the platform.


3. SingularityNET to be listed on BitVenus


SingularityNET is a cutting-edge platform that allows fuss-free deployment and monetization of AI services. The top altcoin has a robust code architecture that allows creators to scale their services according to their business needs. For settling all payments, SingularityNET patrons use its native token AGIX. The AGIX token can be staked and transferred to other blockchains through a bridge.

The platform has been created to promote Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and ensure fair distribution of the technology. 

SingularityNET’s AI marketplace and publisher has a host of AI algorithms that are supplied by service providers. AGIX users can integrate these algorithms in different applications for creating, managing, and scaling AI solutions.

The platform has also been drawing a lot of developers with its AI Domain Specific Language (DSL), which is a self-organizing network of AI agents. These agents ensure seamless collaboration by outsourcing work. The tasks that these agents can handle include the transfer of input/output data and negotiating payments, among others. 

SingularityNET has also forged partnerships with leading decentralized networks like Cardano to ramp up its reach. In January, the Cardano community approved a proposal to set aside ADA tokens worth $500,000 for the development of AI-based crypto projects like SingularityNET.

The platform added another achievement to its name after leading crypto exchange BitVenus announced that it would be listing the AGIX token on its network from February 27 onwards. The exchange would also be offering new trading pairs with the SingularityNet token. 


4. Stability.AI co-founder joins the Render Network advisory board


The Render Network is a popular platform that connects artists and studios looking for rendering services with unused GPU units in a crypto-based setup. The platform facilitates cost-effective rendering services 24/7 and allows transparent deals through its native token known as RNDR. 

Considered one of the altcoins to watch out for, the Render Network ensures that the commissioning artist or studio gets high-quality rendering services by storing payments in escrow and releasing them only after the task is delivered. 

The deals are validated using the proof-of-render protocol. 

In a recent development, the platform announced that Stability.AI co-founder Emad Mostaque has joined its board as an advisor. According to reports, Mostaque would be helping the board in identifying new opportunities by immersing Gen AI models into 3D frameworks.


5. Ocean Protocol,, and SingularityNET announce token merger


Ocean Protocol is an emerging crypto that has been marking waves with its new-age features. Its native token OCEAN comes in handy while dealing with various transactional use cases.

The platform allows crypto users to operate AI-driven trading and prediction bots on price feeds and earn rewards. 

There are multiple opportunities available on the platform to earn passive rewards. Developers can earn OCEAN rewards by curating data. They also get to participate in AI and data science competitions to design new-age models and win prizes. 

The platform took the market by storm after announcing its $7.5-billion collaboration with SingularityNET and The token merger will unlock new perks for the AI community and help pave the way for new avenues. 

The proposal will be put to a vote before the communities of three platforms and the voting will conclude on April 16. If approved, the FET, AGIX, and OCEAN tokens will be merged to create a brand new Artificial Superintelligence Alliance or ASI token. The combined market cap of the three tokens currently stands at around $5.3 billion. 




For crypto users interested in updating their portfolios according to corresponding changes in current technology, InQubeta,, SingularityNET, the Render Network, and Ocean Protocol are some of the best altcoins to consider.

These five tokens have unleashed the power of AI and have enabled the average crypto user to leverage it for their financial independence. 

While Ocean Protocol,, and SingularityNET are offering people ways to monetize AI-based solutions and services, the Render Network is making GPU-based rendering services more economical and accessible.

In InQubeta’s case, the crypto community is excited to discover a project that promotes AI innovation through NFTs. The simplicity of the model is its biggest USP and leads people from varying backgrounds to gain from an AI revolution. 


Visit InQubeta Presale


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Press Release

South African Regulator Grants Approval to 59 Crypto Platforms




South African financial regulator, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), has granted approval to 59 license applications from crypto platforms seeking to offer services to residents. 

During a financial conference, Felicity Mabaso, the FSCA divisional executive, revealed that the regulator received a total of 355 license applications, with 262 still pending.

In response to this influx, the FSCA set a deadline of November 30 for exchanges and cryptocurrency platforms to submit license applications or face enforcement measures. 

FSCA Commissioner Unathi Kamlana explained that the application processing is ongoing and being carried out gradually due to the high number of applications.

FSCA Uses South Africa’s Existing Regulations 

The FSCA has chosen to utilize South Africa’s existing Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) to regulate the crypto sector. 

According to Commissioner Kamlana, the FAIS provides a robust framework that covers crucial aspects of the crypto business, including user protections and enforcement actions when necessary. 

However, Kamlana acknowledges the possibility of future adjustments.

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“As we license and supervise, we will discover that perhaps there are gaps that cannot be closed by the existing regulatory framework, the FAIS Act. And we might need to build on that as we discover what those are.”

While specific details about the approved companies have not been disclosed, it is expected that the licensed entities include crypto exchanges and firms offering custody services. 

Regulatory oversight will also extend to crypto brokerage firms and payment processors involved in cryptocurrency transactions.

South Africa Considers Creating New Regulatory Framework

South Africa has been actively considering the creation of a new regulatory framework for the crypto industry since 2021. 

In 2021, the FSCA published a paper highlighting that crypto assets will be brought into the South African regulatory purview in a “phased and structured manner.”

Although the framework was initially expected to be completed by the end of 2022, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has already declared cryptocurrencies as financial assets rather than currencies. 

The FSCA aligns with this classification, stating that digital assets should be treated as financial products.

South Africa’s approach towards cryptocurrencies has become more proactive as adoption gradually increases. 

A survey conducted in 2017 revealed that 47% of South Africans had either invested in cryptocurrencies or expressed an interest in doing so. 

Additionally, Bitcoin wallet downloads in the country experienced a 100% increase in the same year. In 2020, crypto exchange Luno reported that South Africa had the third-highest level of crypto ownership worldwide, reaching 13%.

Meanwhile, as crypto adoption continues to rise, South African companies are actively embracing cryptocurrencies. 

Stitch, a South African payments infrastructure firm, introduced “Pay with Crypto” last year, enabling customers to use cryptocurrencies for purchases. 

Paycorp, another company, developed the CryptoExpress app, allowing individuals to withdraw crypto in South African Rands at over 3,000 ATMs.

Last week, cryptocurrency exchange Luno became one of the first firms to receive a license from the FSCA in South Africa, allowing the exchange to operate as a financial services provider in the country.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

#Binance #WRITE2EARN

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Doctor Doge (DRDOGE) Rally Over 8,000% Within 48 Hours




  • Doctor Doge (DRDOGE), a newly launched Solana meme coin, is set to go viral and rally over 8,000%, challenging other popular dog-themed coins, like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

It’s not surprising that many investors who bought SHIB and DOGE early are also investing into DRDOGE in the first hours and days of it being launched.

People who invested into Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) while these coins had small market caps were able to turn hundreds of dollars into millions.

Doctor Doge (DRDOGE), a newly launched Solana meme coin, is set to go viral and challenge other popular dog-themed coins, like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

DRDOGE was launched this morning, and the meme coin is inspired by Dogecoin – one of the largest meme coins, with its market cap currently being $23.5 billion.

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Due to the fact that Doctor Doge only began trading on decentralized Solana exchanges like Raydium and Jupiter around an hour ago, it has a market cap of just around $16,000.

This means that DRDOGE (contract address: 8uckaPYZWDs57Lm5eeEVnx4FGJDLhXuvrmryzKj7yUvv) has the potential to turn early investors into millionaires if its market cap eventually exceeds the $100 million mark.

In the short term, DRDOGE is set to rally over 8,000% in the next 48 hours, before then targeting further gains.

Additionally, numerous listings on centralized exchanges are planned for Doctor Doge later in April, and these listings could easily propel the memecoin’s market cap to above $20 million.

So it’s not surprising that many investors who bought SHIB and DOGE early are also investing into DRDOGE in the first hours and days of it being launched.

It will be exciting to watch how quickly Doctor Doge’s price will surge in the coming days and weeks, and to see if it can become a mainstream memecoin.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

#Binance #WRITE2EARN

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Press Release

Whales Are Buying Ethereum Like Crazy Amid ETH Price Drop




  • Amid notable drop in Ethereum’s price, prominent market whales are actively buying Ethereum like crazy.

In the midst of heightened global tensions, the cryptocurrency market witnessed a significant downturn, with the TOTAL index plummeting by a staggering 17% over the weekend, marking a loss of nearly $430 billion in market capitalization. 

While this turbulence affected all digital assets, Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, took a notable hit, experiencing an 18.43% decline, reaching a low of $2,852 per Ethereum.

Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs Officially Approved In Hong Kong

However, amid the market chaos, a fascinating trend emerged – prominent players in the crypto sphere, often referred to as “whales,” showed unwavering confidence in Ethereum’s potential. Notably, large addresses were observed accumulating substantial amounts of ETH during the price drop. 

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Whale Activities

One such whale, identified as “0xE34,” seized the opportunity to accumulate 1,000 ETH, worth approximately $3.15 million, from Binance at the market’s lowest point. 

This particular address went on to accumulate an impressive 8,300 ETH, valued at around $25.12 million.

Furthermore, another significant player, a wallet associated with Matrixport, made a decisive move by withdrawing 16,300 ETH, amounting to a staggering $51.1 million, from Binance amid the market turmoil. 

This wallet has been consistently withdrawing ETH from exchanges since March 29, accumulating a total of 67,286 ETH, valued at approximately $228.33 million, at an average price of $3,393.

Matrixport, a prominent player in the crypto financial services sector, has been actively involved in facilitating digital asset management and trading for institutional and retail investors globally.

These substantial purchases of Ethereum during a period of market instability highlight the confidence of several major players in the potential of the leading altcoin. 

Despite geopolitical uncertainties and market volatility, Ethereum continues to maintain bullish sentiment among key holders.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

#Binance #WRITE2EARN

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