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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Reaches Tihar Jail for 15-Day Custody: What Will Be His Routine, Facilities in Prison | Details



Last Updated: April 01, 2024, 16:26 IST

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. (PTI File photo)

A protest erupted on Monday outside Tihar Jail ahead of the arrival of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who sent by a court here to judicial custody till April 15

Preparations were underway at New Delhi’s Tihar jail as per the requests made by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who on Monday was sent to judicial custody in connection till April 15 and is set to be incarcerated in the prison. Kejriwal is currently in jail in connection with the Delhi liquor policy case.

During today’s hearing, senior advocates Vikram Chaudhary and Ramesh Gupta, appearing for the Delhi Chief Minister, made as many as five requests on behalf of Kejriwal.

According to an NDTV report, Kejriwal will be in Tihar’s Jail No 2 while his former deputy, Manish Sisodia is in Jail No 1. Other jailed minister from his party, former Health Minister Satyendar Jain in Jail No 7, and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh in Jail No 5.

What Will Be Arvind Kejriwal’s Routine in Tihar Jail?

Arvind Kejriwal and the other prisoners’ days will begin at 6:30 Am sunrise at this time of the year. The prisoners will get tea and a few slices of bread as their breakfast.

After a morning shower, the Delhi Chief Minister will leave for court (if a hearing is scheduled) or sit down for a meeting with his legal team.

The lunch will be served between 10:30 and 11 am, and consists of a dal, a sabzi, and five rotis or rice.

From noon to 3 Pm, all prisoners, including Kejriwal will be locked in their cells and will be provided with evening tea and biscuits at around 3:30 pm. They can meet their lawyers at 4 pm, the publication reported.

An early dinner – the same as lunch – is at 5:30 pm, after which the prisoners are locked up for the night by 7 pm.

Kejriwal’s Prison Facilities

Delhi CM Kejriwal will be able to watch TV except during scheduled prison activities, such as meals and lock-UP. Between 18 and 20 channels, including news, entertainment, and sports are allowed. There will be doctors and medical staff available 24/7 in case of an emergency and regular check-ups will be given as Kejriwal is diabetic.

The Chief Minister – who has so far run the Delhi government from the ED lock-up – can meet family members twice a week. However, their names must be on a list that is cleared by prison security.

AAP Workers Protest Outside Tihar Jail

Meanwhile, A protest erupted on Monday outside Tihar Jail ahead of the arrival of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who sent by a court here to judicial custody till April 15.

Scores of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers, carrying party flags and wearing T-shirts with ‘Main Bhi Kejriwal’ printed on them, gathered outside the jail entrance. Kejriwal is likely to be lodged in Jail Number.

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Congress Won’t Decide Citizenship on Basis of Caste, Religion or Language: Rahul Gandhi




Last Updated:

Thiruvananthapuram, India

Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi. (File Photo)

Addressing a massive election rally of the United Democratic Front (UDF) in this northern Kerala district, he said that the Constitution protects the rights of every single Indian regardless of their religion, the state s/he comes from, the language s/he speaks and the culture s/he is part of

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday assured the people that if the Congress is voted to power, citizenship will not be decided based on caste, religion or language, but on the principle of the idea of India. He said the job of the grand old party is to protect the Constitution and the democratic structure of India.

Addressing a massive election rally of the United Democratic Front (UDF) in this northern Kerala district, he said that the Constitution protects the rights of every single Indian regardless of their religion, the state s/he comes from, the language s/he speaks and the culture s/he is part of.

“We will never decide citizenship based on caste religion or language. We will decide citizenship based on the idea of India, nothing less,” Gandhi asserted. It is the “sacred duty” of the Congress to protect every single voice of this country regardless of caste, religion, language or age, he told the crowd, including hundreds of UDF workers gathered here.

Hitting hard at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said “it is a pity” that the Prime Minister does not understand India’s nature.

“He does not understand that our multiple languages, traditions and religions are our biggest strength. He cannot see that from these multiple perspectives comes the most beautiful perspective. It is difficult for him to see this because his only quest is to remain in power,” Gandhi alleged.

Further criticising Modi over electoral bonds, he said though the PM had claimed that it was designed to bring transparency into the political system, the Supreme Court ruled the scheme illegal.

The PM and the government did everything possible to stop the names of the companies and the dates of those donations from coming out, he further alleged.

“It (electoral bond) is the biggest extortion racket on the planet. It is a way to steal from the people of India and it has been organised and conceptualised by the Prime Minister himself,” Gandhi alleged.

The operation of the BJP is to take the entire money of the country and give it to 20-25 businessmen, he said, making further accusations. Gandhi did not spare the CPI(M) and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan wither in his hard-hitting speech.

“My question is why the BJP is not attacking the Chief Minister of Kerala. Why are they not taking away his house, and his chief ministership, putting court cases against him or getting him interrogated by the ED? After all, two CMs are in jail today,” the Congress leader asked.

He also sought to know why the CM has been attacking him all the time when the BJP is destroying the Constitution, destroying democracy, destroying institutions and dividing the country.

“I am very happy for him to attack me but he should also spend a little bit more time to attack the BJP or the RSS or Modi,” Gandhi added.

(This story has not been edited by News18 staff and is published from a syndicated news agency feed – PTI)

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Lok Sabha Election 2024 | Shivraj Singh Chouhan In An Exclusive Interview With News18 | N18V




Lok Sabha Election 2024 | Shivraj Singh Chouhan In An Exclusive Interview With News18 | N18V Watch News18’s exclusive conversation with senior BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan on various issues.Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will contest the Lok Sabha elections 2024 from Vidisha. Mr Chouhan, a five-time MP from Vidisha, was replaced by Mohan Yadav as Chief Minister last year after the party’s mammoth victory in the Madhya Pradesh polls.

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‘From Electoral Bonds To North-South Divide’: PM Modi’s Take Ahead Of Lok Sabha Polls | Top Points




From his big vision for Viksit Bharat by 2047 to his intervention in bringing Indian students back from Ukraine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about all the major events ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in an interview with news agency ANI.

The prime minister also hailed the role of the Enforcement Directorate in tackling corruption and black money in the nation over the past decade. He also asserted the Bharatiya Janata Party’s commitment towards ‘One Nation, One Poll’.

Top Points From PM Modi’s Interview

PM Modi On His Big Vision For Developed India By 2047

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pressed on his “big plans” for making India developed by 2047 and said that “no one should be scared”.

“I don’t take decisions to scare or run-over anyone, I take decisions for the wholesome development of the nation,” PM Modi said.

He said that work for the Viksit Bharat project has been underway for the last two years. The PM noted that he has already made a target plan for his first 100 days in office if he is elected in the upcoming general elections. The prime minister does not want to “lose even a minute”.

He said that he is only serving Mother India like a son, adding that this was his mission.

PM Modi On ED, Charges Of ‘Misusing’ Central Agencies Against BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the Enforcement Directorate‘s role in tackling black money and corruption in the nation over the past decade.

He also refuted the charges of the BJP using the central agencies to clamp the voices of opposition leaders and maintained that 97 per cent of cases of the ED are against people not involved in politics.

“In the last ten years, we have recovered Rs 2,200 crore in cash, while before 2014, ED could only recover Rs 34 lakh cash which can be carried in a school bag… It means that the ED is doing a good job,” he said.

He asserted that corruption has destroyed the country and it has to be tackled with full might.

PM Modi On BJP’s Commitment Towards ONOP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reinforced the BJP’s commitment towards ‘One Nation, One Poll’ (ONOP).

In the interview with ANI, PM Modi said that the committee formed to prepare a report on ONOP received positive feedback and innovative suggestions.

He said that many people have come on-board with the idea of One Nation, One Election in the country. “The committee received very positive and innovative suggestions and the country will benefit a lot if we are able to implement this report,” the prime minister said.

PM Modi On Scrapping Of Electoral Bonds

Defending electoral bonds, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it made the money trail clear and “everyone would regret scrapping it”.

“Money is spent in elections, nobody can deny this. My party also spends, all parties, candidates spend and money has to be taken from people. I wanted that we try something to free the elections of this black money? There was a pure thought in my mind. We were looking for a way. We found a small way, we never claimed that this was the absolute way,” PM Modi said.

He said electoral bonds showed which company gave it, how they give it and where they give it. “And that is why I say when they (opposition) will think honestly, everyone will regret it [the Supreme Court decision to scrap electoral bonds],” he told news agency ANI.

He said there was debate in Parliament on the electoral bonds scheme when the relevant bill was passed and some of those who are now commenting on it had supported it.

He also took a swipe at the opposition for spreading lies over electoral bonds and said of the 3,000 companies that gave donations through the scheme, 26 were being probed by agencies such as the ED.

PM Modi Questions Congress’ Alliance With ‘Anti-Sanatana’ DMK

Prime Minister Narendra Modi questioned the Congress over its alliance with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) in Tamil Nadu over the latter’s “anti-Sanatana” stance.

In the interview with ANI, he asked as to what was Congress’ compulsion over forming an alliance with the DMK which spewed “hatred” and “venom” against Sanatana Dharma.

“The Congress with which Mahatma Gandhi’s name was associated. The Congress where Indira Gandhi used to wear a garland (Rudraksha mala) around her neck. The question should be asked to the Congress. What is your helplessness? Why are you sitting with people who are so vicious against Sanatana? Will your politics remain incomplete? What is this Congress thinking? This is the topic of concern,” the PM said.

He said the painting on every page of the first Constitution was connected to Sanatana, it was part of the government. “And today, if someone has the courage to abuse Sanatana so much, and if you do the politics with them for the election and support that party, then it is a matter of concern for the country,” the PM said.

“People’s anger against the DMK is getting diverted towards the BJP in a positive way,” he added.

PM Modi On His Intervention To Bring Indian Students Home From Ukraine

Pressing on the increased credibility of India over the past decade, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it was the Indian tricolour‘s strength that became his “guarantee” when several Indians were stuck in Ukraine at the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“I have been very friendly with both the presidents (Russia and Ukraine). I can publicly tell President Putin that it is not the time for war. I can also say publicly to Ukraine that we should follow the path of dialogue,” underscoring that “this is because I have credibility,” he said during an interview with news agency ANI.

He said that the strength of the India flag was so great that “even a foreigner used to hold the Indian flag in his hand. So there was a place for him. So my flag became my guarantee,” PM Modi said.

Highlighting India’s diplomatic prowess, he also recalled how in 2015, there used to be a period of ‘no bombarding’ on India’s request, while Indians were being evacuated from a war-torn Yemen.

PM Modi On Elon Musk’s Visit, Big-ticket Investment Plans

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the interview with ANI, said that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a supporter of India. Musk is scheduled to visit the nation later this month.

While the Tesla CEO’s plans about the visit are yet to be confirmed, it is being believed that he might reveal big-ticket investment plans for the country.

“Elon Musk is supporter of Modi is one thing, basically, he is a supporter of India…I want investment in India. Paisa kisi ka bhi laga ho (Whoever wishes to invest can, but it must be built by Indians so that the youth of my country get employment),” the PM said.

PM Modi’s ‘Strategy’ On US Prez Handshake With Saudi Crown Prince

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled the handshake between US President Joe Biden and Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman and proving Western media criticizers wrong about joint G20 declaration.

“…I did not want to wait until the last session. I wanted to get it done early which would surprise people. We got the Declaration in the first session on the second day itself,” he said, adding that “attempts were made to drag G20 on the basis of negative estimations – I wanted to surprise them by all means. That was my strategy. The strategy was successful and I am happy…”

‘Result Of Mindlessness’: PM Modi on North-South Divide

Commenting on the ‘North-South divide’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that viewing the nation as separate units “is a result of mindlessness regarding India”. “Which part of India has the most number of villages associated with Lord Ram’s name? Tamil Nadu…Diversity is our strength, we should celebrate it…How can you term it a separate (unit)?” PM Modi said.

He said that “diversity is our strength and we should celebrate it”. “India is a bouquet where everyone can see their flower. That is the sentiment which should be harboured,” PM Modi added.

(With inputs from ANI)

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