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Coronation Street cancelled again tonight as fans share their fury



Fans of Coronation Street have shared their fury following news that the soap will not be on tonight. Corrie, which usually airs on Fridays, has been cancelled again – echoing the schedule changes of last week.

But why is Coronation Street not on tonight? And when can fans catch it next week?

Stephen talks to Jenny on Corrie
Stephen and Jenny were making big plans this week… but you may have missed them amid all the schedule changes (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street cancelled again

Coronation Street will not be airing tonight (Friday, October 6) due to the Rugby World Cup being shown from 7:30pm to 10:25pm. This takes the soap’s usual Friday slot of 8pm on ITV1.

ITV1 announced the schedule changes in an Instagram post earlier this week, revealing that the soap would instead be airing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Emmerdale will still be shown, however, and is on from 7:00-7:30pm.

Coronation Street fans slam soap’s schedule changes

Not all fans were best pleased by the news, and took to the comments section below to complain. Writing in the comments below the offending Instagram post, a number of Coronation Street fans shared their fury at not being able to watch Corrie tonight.

“Whyyyyy. I keep missing Corrie and watching half of the next episode without realising which ruins it for me because I expect it to be on during its time slots,” complained one irate fan.

“Put the rugby on a sports channel,” said another.

“Getting fed up with this rugby!” exclaimed a third fan.

“When is the rugby going to end?” asked another.

Stephen talking to Michael on Coronation Street
Corrie should be back to normal next week (Credit: ITV)

When is Coronation Street on next week?

Coronation Street is expected to return to normal next week. According to ITV’s television guide, Coronation Street will air on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as usual.

Will you be happy to see Corrie back to business as usual on Fridays?

The Rovers Return Is Boarded Up | Coronation Street

Coronation Street usually airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

For all the latest soap spoilers, news and chat come and join us at Soap Daily now!

Joel Harley is a professional writer with a love of horror movies, Nicolas Cage and British soap operas. When not waxing lyrical about the Dingles and the Mitchells, you can find Joel writing for Total Film, Starburst and Comic Book Resources.

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Why Charles and Camilla are yet to respond to royal wedding of year invite




King Charles and Queen Camilla are reportedly yet to decide if they will attend what’s being billed as the royal wedding of the year.

It seems it isn’t just the monarch’s busy schedule that has slowed down their response – familial tension could be the root of the issue.

Just weeks after Prince Harry was allegedly snubbed by King Charles whilst visiting the UK, Harry has reportedly bowed out of attending the nuptials. This was said to be over concerns his attendance would be “awkward”.

Now, it has come to light that perhaps King Charles and Queen Camilla are harbouring old resentment when it comes to attending royal weddings.

King Charles wearing top hat sat beside Queen Camilla in pink hat
The King and Queen might miss the wedding (Credit: Zak Hussein /

King Charles and Queen Camilla in ‘snub’ to royal wedding

The King and Queen are yet to confirm whether they will attend the Duke of Westminster’s wedding to Olivia Henson, according to reports.

In fact, their lack of response has highlighted a previous time the couple decided against attending a wedding ceremony. The couple declined an invitation to the wedding of the Duke’s sister, 20 years ago.

Back in 2004, the pair were invited to Lady Tamara Grosvenor’s wedding. However, at the time, the pair were reportedly informed that they would not be allowed to sit together and that they would even have to arrive to the ceremony separately.

This led to the couple avoiding the event. According to Richard Eden at MailOnline, a source stated: “Their Majesties have not forgotten what happened at the wedding of Hugh’s sister. There is still a lot of tension that exists.”

Royal author Sarah Bradford revealed has since claimed that Queen Elizabeth II was annoyed at the situation. According to the Mirror, an insider at the time said: “Her Majesty is a stickler for protocol. It would be inappropriate for Mrs Parker Bowles to sit beside Prince Charles since she has no official standing.”

Charles instead chose to visit families of soldiers stationed in Iraq at Warminster barracks. Camilla was said to be otherwise engaged.

ED! has contacted reps for comment.

King Charles in uniform waving on the Buckingham palace balcony beside a waving and smiling Queen Camilla
King Charles and Queen Camilla are allegedly yet to RSVP (Credit: Zak Hussein /

Monarch returns to royal duties after cancer diagnosis

Despite avoiding this occasion, King Charles has wowed fans with his recent return to royal duties, in wake of his cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

Especially during his recent trip to the Chelsea Flower Show. This is where many social media users couldn’t help but note just how well he looked.

Many shared their thoughts in the comments section of a post by the Royal Horticultural Society.

One wrote: “Wonderful to see King Charles looking so well.” A second praised: “King looks really well I’m glad to say. Queen is her usual lovely self. Fabulous couple.”

A third also gushed: “So nice to see His Majesty looking so well.” A fourth then chimed in: “His Majesty is looking so well. Good to see him back.”

Read more: King Charles apologises as royals forced to ‘postpone engagements’

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All the tragedies to have struck the family of Ruth Langsford ahead of Eamonn split




This week, telly power couple Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes shared the sad news that they are going their separate ways after 14 years of marriage.

Our hearts truly go out to the pair, who have both been through a lot in recent years.

While Eamonn has endured years of painful health problems, Ruth too has had a lot on her plate to deal with.

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes
Eamonn and Ruth confirmed their split this week (Credit: Cover Images)

Ruth Langsford mourns loss of her dad

Ruth’s dad Dennis passed away in 2012 as a result of complications caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

Ruth once recalled a particularly devastating story of visiting her dad in his care home, and This Morning being on the TV.

“My aunt Rosa said: ‘Oh, Dennis, look, there’s Rooty.’ He used to call me Rooty Tooty, he turned around, he looked at the screen he went: ‘Oh, I can’t stand her,’ and turned away.

“Which is so funny… but also like heartbreaking, but you know you have to laugh because there are so many funny moments and if you didn’t laugh you’d just be crying the whole time,” she added.

Ruth’s mother, who cared for him for other a decade, was subsequently diagnosed with dementia herself.

In an appearance on fellow Loose Woman Kaye Adams‘ podcast, Ruth confessed that she is scared that she too will develop the disease, but is too afraid to take a test to find out if she is likely to.

“I don’t really want to do it, because there’s no cure at the moment,” she explained.

Earlier this year, Ruth’s mum, Joan, who is now 92 and lives in sheltered accomodation, had a further health scare. She fell and broke her hip. Thankfully, she seems to have recovered well.

Losing her sister

In June 2019, Ruth tragically lost her older sister Julie to suicide, after a long struggle with depression.

Ruth has since described it as the “hardest year of [her] life”.

“I can’t even tell you what year it is, because I’ve blocked it from my memory really,” she said. The star also admitted that she considered quitting TV in the wake of her bereavement.

“It seemed wrong to be cheery on screen, when, inside, my heart was breaking.”

‘Like part of my heart had been ripped out’

Ruth has spoken candidly on Loose Women about her experience with empty nest syndrome. Her only son, Jack, who she shares with Eamonn, recently moved out, something that she found very difficult to come to terms with.

“I would say that first week of not having him at home literally felt like part of my heart had been ripped out,” she confessed, fighting off tears.

Ruth then added: “I kept his bedroom door shut. I remember coming home and going into his bedroom and crying.”

Read more: Eamonn Holmes issues emotional statement as he addresses Ruth Langsford split on live TV

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James Jordan sparks backlash on Twitter with ‘dig’ at overseas BGT stars




Former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan has sparked backlash following comments he made on Twitter about overseas acts appearing on BGT.

There has always been debate surrounding performers from abroad appearing on the ITV show, whose mission is to showcase the best of British talent.

Haribow BGT
Britain’s Got Talent finalists Haribow come from Japan (Credit: ITV)

It became a talking point once again this week, as skipping sensations Haribow, who flew over from Japan to compete on the show, were granted a place in Sunday’s (June 2) grand final.

Other international contestants in this year’s competition included Ukrainian aerial roller skating duo Stardust and K-Pop band Blitzers, who have already made a name for themselves in their homeland of South Korea.

Never one to shy away from a controversial topic, professional dancer James Jordan couldn’t resist weighing in with his opinion, but has since come under fire.

James Jordan in BGT Twitter outburst

Taking to Twitter following the live semi-final on Tuesday evening (May 28), James boldly asked his fans: “Great show tonight on Britain’s Got Talent – which country you voting for?”

His comment attracted some backlash, with one user responding by asking James: “Why does it matter where the acts are from, James?”

Another agreed: “What is your problem with seeing talent from other countries?”

A third speculated passionately: “Why have we as a country been so insular and entitled? Who gives a [bleep]? Just enjoy a talent show and don’t be a [bleep] about it.”

However it seemed several fans agreed with James’ point of view, with one tweeting: “Very true”, another, “Exactly!” and a third: “Been saying this for years.”

Read More: BGT viewers claim boyband Blitzers were ‘miming’ on tonight’s live show

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