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Is he the most toxic man in soap?



Mackenzie in Emmerdale is not covering himself in glory right now. In fact, Charity summed it up beautifully when she called him a “lying man child” in last night’s episode.

Spot on, Ms Dingle. Spot on.

Though there are a whole host of disappointing men wandering round Emmerdale – Charles, Cain, Caleb, to name a few – we reckon Mack’s the worst of the lot.

In fact, despite the men in every soap behaving badly just about all the time, Mack’s giving them ALL a run for their money. We reckon he’s the most toxic man in soap.

And here’s why.

Emmerdale Mack looking dangerous
Mack’s toxic and we’re not happy about it! (Credit: ITV)

Liar Liar

Mackenzie has told so many lies now that we’re not sure he even knows what’s true any more.

He spent months lying to Charity about Chloe and baby Reuben. Then just about as soon as he was found out, he flipped and started lying to Chloe instead.

He’s still doing it – promising Chloe he doesn’t have feelings for Charity when they slept together just a few weeks ago. We’re not sure now if he really loves Chloe, or if he wants to be with Charity, or if he doesn’t really love either of them. He’s just lying non stop.

Not cool, Mack.

Charity and Mack kiss on Emmerdale
Can’t stop cheating! (Credit: ITV)

Once a cheater?

When Chloe and Charity bonded at the hospital in last night’s episode, Chloe said: “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

And how right she was! Because going hand in hand with Mackenzie’s tendency to – ahem – ’embroider’ the truth, is his total disregard for being faithful. At the first sign of trouble with Charity, he was falling into bed with Chloe. And then as soon as things got a bit full-on with Chloe, he was back making eyes at Charity.

In fact, the women being so civil and understanding to one another just makes Mack look even worse, now. We didn’t know that was possible!

Mack and Chloe with baby Rueben on Emmerdale
He’s good at playing the doting dad, but Mack’s a master manipulator (Credit: ITV)

Gaslighting and manipulating

It’s a bit of a trendy term right now but gaslighting is when someone tells another person that things didn’t happen the way they remembered it. And it’s totally what Mack’s doing to poor Chloe.

And we do mean poor Chloe. Because she’s a very young mum, who’s had a tricky childhood and lost her sister (and then found out Kerry Wyatt‘s her mum – that’s traumatic enough for anyone!) and is clearly desperate for a family. And Mack may have been a younger man for Charity, but he’s way older than Chloe. Which is icky enough, before you start considering the way he’s manipulating her into doing what he wants. Which, right now, is moving hundreds of miles away from Amy, who’s her only family. Not great, is it?

Nate watches Mack suspiciously as they walk in the street on Emmerdale
Nate works hard for his family. Can’t say Mack does the same! (Credit: ITV)

Catch of the day?

We don’t want to make it all about money, but Mack’s hardly a good provider, is he? Admittedly he’s done more work for Cain this week than he’s done in the last month, but generally speaking, he barely bothers to get off his bum. Unless it’s to splash some cash on booze or (another) engagement ring. And the only jobs he’s had since he came to Emmerdale were given to him by his big sister and her husband. He’s not screaming husband material, is he? (And yes, we know Chloe’s not worked either, but she’s not long had a baby – cut her a bit of slack.)

Can you just not? (Credit: ITV)

The whole A-Team thing

It’s a bit trivial, admittedly, when compared to all the other reasons we hate Mack, but we couldn’t miss this one out.

We’re not sure if it’s supposed to be cute or funny or what, but in our eyes Mack’s obsession with The A-Team is way out of hand for a man of his age. Just nope.

With Mack set to take centre stage in Super Soap Week, is it too much to hope that he might see the error of his ways? Stranger things have happened!

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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Concerns raised over Strictly judge Anton Du Beke amid misconduct investigation




Star of Strictly Anton Du Beke is the latest person from the show to raise concerns after a previous row has resurfaced and made headlines all over again.

The hit BBC show has continuously made headlines over the past few months due to previous contestants raising their concerns over behaviours behind the scenes. Sherlock actor Amanda Abbington complained about pro dancer Giovanni Pernice and said her experience with him left her with mild PTSD.

Two more anonymous contestants have since come forward about Giovanni’s alleged behaviour. As a result, he will not be returning to Strictly this year. It was also recently announced that Graziano Di Prima has been kicked off the show after the BBC found footage of him kicking his celeb partner Zara McDermott last year in rehearsals.

Amanda Abbington and Giovanni Pernice on Strictly
Giovanni is under investigation due to Amanda and other’s claims (Credit: BBC)

Strictly news: Anton Du Beke behaviour described as ‘abrasive’

With behaviours behind the scenes of Strictly up for discussion, judge Anton is making headlines for his unfair treatment of Laila Rouass.

Anton was paired with the former Footballers Wives actor in 2009 and reduced her to tears after jokingly calling her a racial slur after getting a spray tan.

While Anton did apologise, he also admitted he felt “stupid” and “embarrassed” by his comments towards Laila, who is of Indian and Moroccan descent.

“Anton has a very 1970s attitude and can be abrasive,” an inside source told The Sun.

‘The lines are becoming increasingly blurred as to what is acceptable or not, and of course, some people have found him fine to work with.”

“But there were murmurings of discontent when he was a dancer. Yet the BBC promoted him. It is all quite strange,” they continued.

A spokesperson for the BBC told the MailOnline that they “will not be commenting on individuals or engaging with speculation.”

“However, as we have said previously we will always listen if people want to make us aware of something or raise it with us directly and we have appropriate procedures and processes in place to manage this.”

Laila Rouass and Anton Du Beke on It Takes Two
Anton apologised to Laila after his offensive words (Credit: YouTube)

More of Anton’s inappropriate comments to Laila

Unfortunately, Anton’s inappropriate comments to Laila didn’t stop with the racial slur. At the time, he had also asked if she was a terrorist due to her North African heritage.

After the incident came to light, Laila addressed the situation on It Takes Two.

“We are getting through this together. It’s been a tough week for both of us… But we just want to move on,” she said.

Anton stated he wanted to “reiterate my apology from last weekend to Laila, to everybody on the show and to everybody that watches the show because I feel embarrassed, I feel stupid as well.”

ED! has contacted Anton’s reps for comment.

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Spencer Matthews reveals his ‘shocking’ relationship with alcohol




Former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews has opened up about his “shocking” relationship with alcohol and how he overcame it.

While Spencer quit drinking in 2018, it was his Made In Chelsea days that had inflamed his desire to consume healthily. However, his days of reckless drinking came to an end when he took more of an interest in his health.

Spencer Matthews smiling
While speaking to MailOnline, Spencer reveals how he improved his health (Credit:

Spencer Matthews ‘really happy’ with lifestyle change

“I have come from having a shocking relationship with alcohol and feeling quite ashamed of myself actually to now being in a position where I’m really happy and comfortable,” he told MailOnline.

“The things that have made a big difference to my overall health are hardly ever drinking, minimal amounts of alcohol, exercise, good sleep and proper supplements. I feel in the best shape of my life and I’m very happy,” Spencer continued.

The 35-year-old revealed he is at a stage in his life where he really wants “to push the boundaries and explore what’s physically and mentally possible.” Stating that he is a “big Bear Grylls fan” and others who “push themselves to their limits,” Spencer now wants to do the same.

As a result, Spencer has set himself the challenge of running 30 marathons in 30 days in the Arabian Desert to feel “closer” to his brother Michael.

In 1999, his brother was presumed dead after becoming the youngest British climber to reach the top of Mount Everest.

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews on the red carpet
While preparing for his marathon, Spencer revealed his wife Vogue will wait for him at the finish line (Credit:

‘This is a World Record attempt’

While aware of the potential risks, Spencer is preparing for the mission by running a marathon every couple of days in his training block.

“This is a World Record attempt, this would be a world first. Even Russ Cook, the Hardest Geezer, who ran the whole length of Africa… not taking away from it at all, it is an insane achievement but he ran most of it on road,” he explained.

Spencer declared that a “desert marathon is very different.” He said: “It’s much hotter, much slower, much harder. He spent six days on sand. It’s a long, hard thing and pretty unappealing to people I would have thought.”

He hopes to meet his wife, Vogue Williams, and his children Theodore, 5, and Gigi, 3, at the finish line. However, their youngest Otto, 2, will stay at home in London.

Read more: Spencer Matthews breaks his silence on claims he was hospitalised after ‘overdosing’ on medication

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BBC might be ‘forced to pay out well over £1million’ amid drama




In the latest Strictly news, the BBC are reportedly worried that they could face a £1 million legal bill as more celebs complain.

Drama surrounding the show escalated after Amanda Abbington complained about pro dancer Giovanni Pernice. The Sherlock actor left Strictly halfway through last year’s competition, explaining it was her “deepest regret.” Amanda has since claimed she was diagnosed with mild PTSD after competing on the show.

She, alongside two other contestants, have come forward and spoken out about Giovanni’s alleged behaviour. As a result, Giovanni will not be returning to the show this year. An investigation involving the BBC is ongoing.

Amanda Abbington and Giovanni Pernice on Strictly
Amanda quit the show last year after Giovanni’s alleged behaviour (Credit: BBC)

Strictly news

Since then, more drama has unfolded. Graziano Di Prima has now been sacked after bosses became aware of a video of him kicking his celeb partner Zara McDermott.

A third celebrity, who used to be a part of the show, has been identified as a “person of interest”.

In resurfaced footage, former pro dancer Brendan Cole can be seen inappropriately slapping celeb partner Fiona Phillips’ bottom three times in footage from 2005. In the same clip, Brendan was acting aggressively towards Fiona.

Following her time on the show, Fiona has described Brendan as “a real bugger” and “not nice.”

According to more reports, Anton Du Beke is the fourth Strictly star to come under fire after he reportedly called his 2009 dance partner Laila Rouass a racial slur.

Anton Du Beke on Loose Women
Anton is the fourth Strictly star to come under fire (Credit: YouTube)

‘More and more stars are coming forward with grievances’

Inside sources are now claiming that more celebrities are planning on coming forward about physical or mental health harm and loss of work.

“More and more stars are coming forward with grievances, and they have been advised there are significant grounds for personal injury claims,” a source told The Sun.

“They say they have lost work, and worry the BBC especially will deem them untouchable.”

Doctors’ notes and photos of the contestants’ injuries have reportedly been handed over to lawyers.

“If successful — and at the moment there certainly appears to be serious evidence for duty of care breaches — the BBC could well be forced to pay out well over £1million,” they continued.

As a result, BBC confirmed changes will be made to Strictly to “strengthen welfare and support.”

ED! has reached out to BBC for comment.

Read more: ‘Shocked’ Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly ‘vow to stand by Strictly’ amid scandal ‘crisis’

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