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Payback lands on ITV with thrills and blood spills in episode 1



Payback started on ITV this Wednesday with episode 1, and Peter Mullan was deliciously menacing as villain Cal Morris. Frankly, we could watch him ALL day, every day. We just wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him…

Which is exactly what Morven Christie’s character Lexie Noble unwittingly did in this new thriller. The actress proved she’s just as good playing the role of the victim, two years after leaving her role as DS Lisa Armstrong in The Bay.

Viewers were introduced to Lexie, who seemed to have an idyllic family lifestyle in the suburbs of Edinburgh. However, within minutes of the show starting, her husband was dead.

Turns out Lexie’s husband Jared had been laundering Cal Morris’ illegal earnings on a vast scale… But who killed him and why? Here are all the burning questions we have after watching episode 1 of Jed Mercurio-backed thriller Payback.

***Warning: spoilers from episode 1 of The Bay on ITV ahead***

Payback promo shot for ITV
Payback kicked off with episode 1, starring Morven Christie as Lexie Noble, Peter Mullan as Cal Morris, and Prasanna Puwanarajah as DC Jibran Khan (Credit: ITV)

Payback episode 1 on ITV: Who killed Jared and why?

At first, Jared’s death looked like a random act of violence. After leaving his local newsagents, he appeared to come between two sets of rival thugs – all hooded, all impossible to identify. A fight ensued, in which accountant Jared was stabbed to death.

As wife Lexie found him bleeding out on the pavement, viewers saw so-called restauranteur Cal Morris (Peter Mullan) receive the news that Jared had been killed. So, we know Cal didn’t kill him. Or at least, we think he didn’t.

So who did? We know Jared was working for Cal, whether voluntarily or under duress. He was shifting large amounts of money of the crime lord. So was Jared’s death an attempt to get back at Cal?

With Jared dead, £2.5million of Cal’s money is in limbo. Jared’s thought to be the only one with the access to the Maltese account with Cal’s funds. So there’s no reason for Cal to want him dead.

Cal himself said: “Somebody is screwing with me. Somebody stabs my accountant, and then my deal falls through?”

Meanwhile, the cops suspect it was premeditated, by someone with a reason to want Jared dead.

Who is the most likely culprit?

Payback episode 1 on ITV left us with more questions than answers, which is exactly what a good thriller should do. Let’s make it clear, we trust no one at this point.

However, there are a few characters who seem shadier than most. Anybody else fancy Lexie’s solicitor friend as a suspect? He seemed to know an awful lot about Jared’s finances…

Cal’s nephew Malky, played by the brilliant Steven Mackintosh, is also top of our ‘dodgy’ list. And don’t get us started on the new au pair Doris. If she’s not involved, then the scriptwriters really have got us questioning our every thought!

Malky and his uncle Cal in Payback
Malky and his uncle Cal in Payback (Credit: ITV1)

Payback episode 1 on ITV: Does Lexie know more than we think?

At first, we believed Lexie knew nothing of her husband’s involvement in handing dirty cash. But she was the partner in his firm… Okay, so she does seem like an innocent bystander in all this.

But with a passport in her name arriving through the post, she’ll certainly look guilty to the cops!

Was Jared planning to double-cross Cal?

We know Jared liquidated the family’s savings just months before he was killed. He also remortgaged the house. He’d failed to pay the school fees for their daughter Esme’s fancy private school, too.

All of this at the same time as taking someone for fancy dinners, and hotel stays. He even bought someone some fancy sapphire earrings.

Police discovered that Jared had booked a flight to Miami for himself and a Sarah Blaine. Nope not a mistress though – the passport proved he was planning to run away with his wife Lexie. She just didn’t know it yet. Was Jared running for his life, or planning to steal from his boss Cal?

Lexie's idyllic life was turned upside down in Payback episode 1
Lexie’s idyllic life was turned upside down in Payback episode 1 (Credit: ITV1)

Payback episode 1 on ITV: Why doesn’t Lexie just give Cal what he wants?

Cal wants what Lexie (Morven Christie) is hiding – namely the accounting ledger he had hidden in the cellar of the house. He’s a thug, who has already implied a threat to her children…

So why doesn’t she just hand over everything she’s found and beg to be left alone? That’s what we’d do!

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Payback episode 2 airs on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 9pm on ITV1. It will be available to stream in full on ITVX and STV Player.

What did you think of Payback episode 1 on ITV? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix.

Helen Fear has been writing about all things entertainment for more than two decades, starting as a TV reviewer at Time Out in the (whisper it…) 90s. She has also worked for the Daily Express, Closer, OK! and Reveal, to name but a few! When Helen’s not writing about TV, she’s usually watching it – current favourites include Line Of Duty, Killing Eve, The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies. 

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Phil Simmonds spying on Toyah, fan predicts




A Coronation Street fan has wondered whether rapist Phil Simmonds could have returned to spy on Toyah Battersby. This follows last night’s episode (Wednesday, June 12), which saw ‘a member of the Institute’ spying on Toyah and Nick as they walked down the street.

Recognising the car from earlier that day, Toyah confronted the driver – causing him to speed off.

But was it really an Institute man in the car?

One viewer wondered whether the man in the car could be someone else from Toyah’s past – Phil Simmonds, her rapist and the father of her child.

Car on Coronation Street with a bald man inside
One fan thinks they’ve spotted a familiar face hanging around on the Cobbles (Credit: ITV)

Who’s in the car? Coronation Street fan suggests it might be Phil

As the episode aired, one Corrie fan took to social media to ask whether Toyah and Nick’s mystery stalker could be someone more familiar than an Institute henchman.

‘Is that fella in the car Toyah’s baby daddy?’ the curious viewer asked, via X.

A bald man with five o’ clock stubble, Toyah’s mystery man bore a resemblance to Phil, but it seems unlikely. Not, however, impossible.

Phil Simmonds on Coronation Street
Phil was a rapist who posed as Toyah’s friend (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Who was Phil Simmonds?

Phil was the man who raped Toyah – attacking her one night in a dark alleyway. As Toyah didn’t see his face at the time, she wasn’t to know that he was actually her friend, Phil.


ED Coronation Street WhatsApp call to action advert

After finally identifying Phil as her attacker, Toyah testified and he was arrested. After admitting to his crime, he served ten years in prison – and has not been seen since.

It was recently revealed that Toyah bore Phil’s child, miscarrying and burying the body down the park. With this fact now public knowledge, Rowan and the Institute have attempted to silence Toyah by using her tragic past against her.

But could Phil have also returned to Weatherfield?

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Coronation Street usually airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

What do you think of this story? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think.

For all the latest soap spoilers, news and chat come and join us at Soap Daily now!

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Website for Dr Michael Mosley updates with tribute




The personal website of Dr Michael Mosley has been updated with a heartfelt tribute to the health expert.

Dr Michael went missing last week whilst holidaying on the Greek island of Symi.

He was found dead on Sunday June 9. The discovery of his body came days after he failed to return home from a walk on June 5. Since then, a coroner has revealed the doctor’s “most likely” cause of death.

Meanwhile, a sweet tribute to Dr Michael has been uploaded on his website – alongside a plea over his legacy.

Dr Michael Mosley on Loose Women
The doctor sadly died last week (Credit: ITV)

Website for Michael Mosley now features heartfelt tribute

Featured beside a photo of Dr Michael smiling, a paragraph reads: “This space honours Michael’s legacy and significant contribution as a science communicator.”

The tribute ended with a plea to carry on his legacy: “We welcome you here to continue his movement for better health.”

Further down the homepage, another message states: “As a highly engaging science communicator, Michael made a significant impact on countless lives. If you would like to share a tribute, please use these social spaces and feel inspired by others who embraced Michael’s passion for better health and successfully changed their life.”

‘Rest in peace’

A post from the Fast 800 diet, one that he championed, was also featured on the homepage.

It read: “We pay tribute to our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Mosley.⁠

“Michael was an integral part of our lives, bringing a wealth of knowledge, dedication, and compassion to his work.⁠ Throughout his distinguished career, Michael made significant contributions to his field, earning respect and admiration from all walks of life. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his innovative approach to science and health have left an indelible mark on the lives of many.⁠

“Michael was not only a remarkable professional but also a kind and generous individual. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, share his wisdom, and support those around him. His infectious enthusiasm and genuine care for others made him a beloved figure in our organisation.⁠

“We will remember Michael for his outstanding achievements, his compassionate nature, and his unwavering dedication to improving the lives of others. His legacy will continue to inspire us all.⁠

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family, friends, and all who had the privilege of knowing him. He will be deeply missed.⁠ Rest in peace, Michael.”

‘Dearly missed’

The website also hosts a place to see all of Dr Michael’s radio and TV gigs, a link to purchase his string of published books and section all about the beloved TV star’s life.

He will be missed dearly by his family, friends, colleagues and those that admired his work from afar.

The About Michael page details information about his life and legacy. It states: “Michael studied PPE at Oxford and then became an investment banker. Before realising that this really wasn’t the industry for him. So he retrained as a doctor.

“After studying medicine at the Royal Free Hospital in London and qualifying as a doctor, he realised that this wasn’t really the industry for him either!”

It then continues: “Michael joined the BBC as a trainee assistant producer and over the ensuing years has made numerous science and history documentaries for the BBC. First behind the camera and more recently as a presenter.

“He was executive producer of QED, Trust Me I’m a Doctor and Superhuman. He has worked with John Cleese, Jeremy Clarkson, Professor Robert Winston, Sir David Attenborough and Professor Alice Roberts.”

Dr Michael Mosley on This Morning
A tribute now sits on Dr Michael Mosley’s website (Credit: ITV)

Dr Michael Mosley and his legacy

The page then continues with a plea over Michael’s legacy. It says: “He did a lot of his recent work with his wife, Dr Clare Bailey, by his side.

“They had four lovely children together. Michael had an incredible career, he was loved by many and has left behind an incredible legacy. He will be missed dearly by his family, friends, colleagues and those that admired his work from afar.”

The update of the website comes just a day after Dr Michael Mosley’s Instagram page was deleted.

Read more: Dr Michael Mosley joked about adventurous way he wanted to die a year before his death

So what do you think? Tell us on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix.

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Gemma Collins wants to be first plus-sized winner of Strictly




With Strictly 2024 around the corner, reality star Gemma Collins is eager to take part and win the show this year.

The former TOWIE star is no stranger to a dancing competition having previously competed on Dancing On Ice. She also already has ties with the BBC as she filmed an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? recently and had her own podcast with BBC Sounds, The Gemma Collins Podcast.

Gemma Collins on Dancing On Ice
Gemma previously competed on Dancing On Ice (Credit:

Gemma Collins on Strictly: ‘It would be the dream’

Speaking exclusively with the MailOnline, Gemma stated “It would be the dream” to do Strictly, asking: “Who wouldn’t want to do Strictly?”

“I want to learn to do a Rumba and show everyone, these hips don’t lie as Shakira said. I can dance, honey, I love to dance, I could win. Listen, I still think there’s a lot of outrage if someone is overweight, they just presume that you can’t move. But I can do the splits, I can kick my leg, and shake my booty.”

During her time on Dancing On Ice, Gemma was doubted due to her size. However, she proved them wrong.

“People would love it but it’s just whether they will give me a chance. If it’s meant to be, I believe in the universe. But I would never beg anyone to do their show, I know what I bring to the table. It’s only in their interest and benefit to book me.”

Gemma claimed that when she was voted off Dancing On Ice, the show “lost three million viewers”.

Gemma Collins and Rami Hawash walking in the street
Rami and Gemma are planning a 2026 wedding (Credit:

Gemma Collins on her weight loss

Courtesy of a new lifestyle plan, Gemma recently revealed she’s dropped six dress sizes. Teaming up with health guru Steve Bennett, she has taken on his Fibre First diet.

In addition to shedding weight, her energy has increased and she has reversed her PCSOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Gemma is hoping to have a baby with her fiancé Rami Hawash. The pair are planning on tying the knot in 2026.

After going to a fertility clinic, Gemma was going to start her journey to parenthood in September. However, she realises she might not need to as she hopes to do it naturally.

She added: “Plus my thyroid is doing better, I have no under active thyroid any more.”

Read more: Gemma Collins admits making herself ‘look fatter’ in pictures for money

So, what do you think? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think of this story.

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