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Channel 4 viewers infuriated over Partygate: ‘I will never forgive’



The Partygate docudrama aired on Channel 4 last night and viewers were left infuriated online.

The show told the story of the Covid-19 pandemic from inside 10 Downing Street as staff were accused of breaking lockdown rules and guidance with parties.

It mixed real news footage with dramatisations of the alleged parties which took place at Downing Street during the lockdown.

Staff members collecting booze during Covid pandemic in Partygate on Channel 4
Partygate aired on Channel 4 last night (Credit: Channel 4)

Partygate on Channel 4

Jon Culshaw starred as Boris Johnson, Prime Minister at the time. Meanwhile, Craig Parkinson, Ophelia Lovibond, Charlotte Ritchie, Rebecca Humphries, Kimberley Nixon and Phil Daniels all had roles.

During the show, footage was shown from hospitals at the height of the pandemic. It would then flip to a dramatisation from inside Downing Street when gatherings were allegedly being organised despite social distancing rules being in place.

Compelling, heartbreaking, infuriating and perfectly crafted drama.

One dramatised scene saw two staff members going to the shop to pick up some booze for a gathering. One staff member asks her colleague: “Are we having a party?”

Ophelia Lovibond’s character, special advisor Annabel D’acre, replies: “No, just socially-distanced drinks.”

Members of Downing Street in Partygate on Channel 4
The show showed dramatised scenes (Credit: Channel 4)

Another dramatised scene shows members of Downing Street doing karaoke. Other scenes saw real life people showing the sacrifices they made during the pandemic. One woman showed her friends outside of her home having an actual socially-distanced gathering as she wore a mask and gloves.

In another scene, a woman called Emma Jenkins spoke about losing her gran during the pandemic. She told the camera: “Being told to stay at home. I remember seeing Boris saying, ‘You must stay at home.’ I couldn’t go and see her.

“My gran died of Covid she caught in a care home. She died alone.”

Viewers watching Partygate were both heartbroken and infuriated. They shared their thoughts on X – formerly known as Twitter.

Woman telling story on Partygate on Channel 4
Heartbreaking stories were told during the show (Credit: Channel 4)

Reaction to Partygate

One person said: “My mum died alone. She didn’t have the funeral she deserved and the funeral we needed. Whilst these monsters partied. #Partygate.”

Another wrote: “Compelling, heartbreaking, infuriating and perfectly crafted drama. It brings it all back how much ordinary people sacrificed while these amoral toffs shamelessly partied on #Partygate.”

Someone else tweeted: “Watching #Partygate brought it all back. Like thousands of others my mum died of Covid: Christmas eve 2020, in a nursing home, alone because we weren’t allowed to visit.”

Meanwhile, another person added: “My mum died alone in hospital, in 2020, on the day I was finally going to see her after months apart…there was no family members present… I will never ever forgive and never ever forget.”

Boris Johnson talking to Downing Street staff in dramatised scene for Partygate on Channel 4
Viewers were infuriated and heartbroken watching the show (Credit: Channel 4)

What else was said?

Another said: “My mum died alone, fighting for breath. I couldn’t hug my children at her funeral. There were just 6 of us there. We all went home alone. My wife couldn’t go to her son’s wedding. There are no words to convey how much I despise Boris Johnson. Thank you @Channel4.”

Someone else tweeted: “Steaming at #Partygate this was all at a time when I couldn’t go to a friend’s funeral & my nan was dying alone in a care home, disgusting and shameful.”

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Another said: “Well done to @Channel4 for showing this powerful prog – so much anger, sadness brought back; while they partied the UK was dying.”

It’s brought up a lot of painful memories #Partygate,” another viewer admitted.

Someone else wrote: “It was heartbreaking to watch, made me really cry.” Finally, another commented: “Gosh, these real-life stories really bring home how devastating the pandemic was for so many people. Heartbreaking.”

Partygate is available to watch on Channel 4 on demand now.

Did you watch the show? You can leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know.

Rebecca started her career at Entertainment Daily five years ago. She is now an Associate Editor for Showbiz. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of celebrity household names and TV, including entertainment shows and daytime television. She also works on delivering the latest news surrounding the Royal Family.

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11 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Killer Ella car accident




In our Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Ella Forster returns to the Dales and gives Mandy quite the fright before getting involved in a car accident.

Elsewhere, scheming Rose conjures up a plan to spike Will’s drink…

All this and more in Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

Mandy and Ella talking on Emmerdale

1. Mandy faces an intruder

Next week, Mandy confronts an intruder and soon realises that Ella has returned to collect her things. Mandy feels torn as she watches Ella leave. Will she give her another chance?

2. Ella’s car accident horror

With Liam vowing to remain single despite Manpreet’s attempts to matchmake him with Chas, Ella soon gets herself into some trouble.

Sam calls for an ambulance after realising that there’s been a crash on a country road… and Ella’s card is involved. Will she be okay?

Emmerdale spoilers: 3. Rhona’s tattoo causes a stir

Rhona shows off her new tattoo to Marlon and the rest of the Woolpack punters. What has she had inked on her? And, how will Marlon react?

4. Vanessa’s jealous of Mandy

Vanessa’s jealous of Mandy and Rhona’s newfound friendship. Will she speak to Rhona about her upset?

Emmerdale spoilers: 5. A Dingle punch-up

With Samson confessing the truth about the stabbing, Sam’s livid with the situation.

Sam soon has it out with Cain in the Woolpack and ends up punching him. Will Cain fight back?

6. Robbo corners Matty

With Matty’s time in prison continuing, Robbo waits for Matty in his cell and starts making violent threats towards him. Is Matty in danger?

7. Rose makes a move

With Rose continuing with her plan, Will almost sees her updating Ruby but she manages to cover.

Rose then tries to kiss Will but he pushes her away as Rose panics that he’ll report back to Kim.

She’s not impressed when Will suggests to Kim that she packs her bags and move out of Home Farm.

Rose and will clinking glasses

8. Rose tries to spike Will’s drink

After setting a horse loose, Rose then meets up with a dealer and is given some tranquiliser whilst awaiting further instructions.

She starts to feel slightly guilty about her plan though when Dawn calls her ‘mum’ for the first time.

Following through with her plan, Rose goes to spike Will’s drink. However, two more drinks are poured and she loses track of which glass has been spiked.

Will she fess up to her schemes before someone takes a sip of the drink that’s been tampered with?

Emmerdale spoilers: 9. Tom makes Belle feel guilty

Tom continues to manipulate Belle and makes her feel guilty about terminating their baby.

He secretly continues to plot their move to a remote part of Wales as she distances his wife further away from her family.

10. Laurel and Jai break divorce news to the kids

Jai reckons that he and Laurel can patch things up but he’s taken aback when she discusses telling the kids about their divorce.

Soon enough, the kids are informed about Laurel and Jai’s broken marriage.

11. Back to Holdgate!

Once the news has been broken, Laurel tells Jai to move back to Holdgate.

Jai wants to take Archie with him though, upsetting Jai. Despite Laurel’s sadness, Jai and Archie prepare to move out of her home.

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

Are you looking forward to Emmerdale next week? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think!

For all the latest soap spoilers, news and chat come and join us at Soap Daily now! 

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Celebs having a far worse week than us – including Kym Marsh




For these rest of us mere mortals, buoyed by the possibility of Change – and an England team in the Euro finals – the last several days have been, well, not too bad, actually.

But while a week may be a long time in politics, the past seven days must have felt like an eternity for these celebs in Showbizland.

Ruth Langsford speaking to camera on Loose Women
Give Ruth Langsford love, not hate! (Credit: ITV)

Celebs having a far worse week than us: Ruth Langsford

Dear Ruth Langsford is going through an undeniably difficult time.

And so the trolls having a go at her for having thinning hair because they have nothing better to do should be ashamed of themselves.

We love you Ruth, and your new ‘do!

Kym Marsh

Telly fave Kym Marsh is another celeb who’s had a very rough run, having lost her dad in recent months.

The universe, however, has sent her a little bit of happiness in the form of her new man. Unfortunately, the universe also contains abusive trolls who tickled themselves at comparing Kym’s new squeeze to her son.

Kym, unbowed, had a similar thought she shared with the online no-marks: “Do one.”

David Potts crosses his arms
He’ll need to wrap up, with this weather (Credit: ITV)

David Potts

A tough one, this. Celebrity Big Brother winner David Potts‘ ‘thing’ is wearing short shorts on TV. So while he’s no stranger to copping flak from haters about his mostly-uncovered legs – as with today, when he appeared on This Morning – actually getting a spot on the box is actually, probably, most likely, a top result for him… it is a very complicated thing, fame.

Amanda Holden

Mandy H (as nobody calls her) has come under fire for getting all worked up when talking about men in uniform.

“I am like ‘arrest me’, because those uniforms are insane,” Amanda said of continental police officers.

But what’s the charge? Sexism? Or crimes against the airwaves?

Strictly judge Shirley Ballas wasn't putting up with any backchat
Shirley Ballas ‘has been warned’ (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Celebs having a far worse week than us: Shirley Ballas

Reports suggest Shirley Ballas may have been politely directed to belt up over Giovanni Pernice.

“It’s such a complex thing that we can’t have people associated with the show speaking out about it,” an unnamed person spoke out about it to the press.

Bring on the sparkle, sequins and drama, we say!

Susanna Reid smiles in her Instagram Story
Ja, das ist Susanna Reid! (Credit: Instagram)

Susanna Reid

GMB co-host Susanna Reid went on holiday earlier this week, but she was back on the box this morning to report on preparations for the Euro 2024 final in Berlin.

One infuriated fan moaned, as if she’d just turned up looking to force her way into the starting XI after not being part of the side that got England to the last stage: “Total glory hunter.”


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Prince under fire for award




In Harry and Meghan news, the Duke of Sussex has accepted the Pat Tillman Award at the ESPY Awards for his work with his multi-sport event, Invictus Games.

However, some royal fans aren’t pleased despite claims that Harry’s emotional acceptance speech – that paid tribute to his late mother, Princess Diana – has aided him in processing “his emotions”.

In fact, some fans were left claiming that Prince Harry should be “ashamed” for accepting the award.

Prince Harry talking on stage as he accepts Pat Tillman award at ESPY awards
The Prince has been awarded a prestigious award for his work with Invictus Games (Credit: YouTube / ESPN)

Harry and Meghan news

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Roulette, body language expert Darren Stanton analysed Prince Harry’s appearance as he gave his acceptance speech at the ESPY Awards, whilst wife Meghan Markle looked on.

Darren’s analysis depicts how Prince Harry felt “inner pride” as he received the award, while Meghan Markle “took the backseat” in a bid to make her husband “feel special”. The award is said to be given to veterans who have made an impact through sport.

Harry’s Invictus Games serves wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women by giving them opportunities for recovery through sports.

Meghan’s own body language supposedly communicated that she wanted the honour of such a prestigious award to be “all about Harry” – especially as he paid tribute to his mother.

The body language expert explained: “Prince Harry’s body language was very strong when he accepted the award. He displayed a sense of honour and inner pride. When he was speaking about the Invictus Games, it was clear it was very close to his heart. When we look at his body language more specifically, both his feet were planted on the floor and barely moved.

“This is a clear sign of Harry feeling in control without an ounce of nervousness. He’s in a good place right now. Harry spoke with clarity, confidence and passion – revealing he felt every word he came out with.

Meghan Markle smiling whilst clapping her hands
Meghan Markle looked on in awe (Credit: Youtube / ESPN)

Prince Harry pays tribute to Princess Diana at ESPY Awards

“When Harry paid a tribute to his mother, you can tell he was processing his emotions. He flashed expressions of sadness, which was understandable as he was thinking about her in that moment throughout his speech. However, he was able to keep calm and level-headed. This shows how comfortable Harry is with speaking publicly.”

Meanwhile, Darren’s analysis indicated that Meghan felt “happy” to be there and took a step back to ensure the focus was on her husband.

Meghan wanted Harry to feel special and be the centre of attention.

Darren detailed: “Meghan was there to support Harry and you could tell she felt very happy to be there. On some occasions, we will see signs of Meghan trying to assert her presence and taking the lead during joint engagements. But during this event, it was all about Harry and Meghan wanted it to be that way.

“We saw her taking a step back and letting Harry take everything in with her support by his side. We know she was taking a backseat as her facial expressions showed genuine joy for her husband while displaying subtle, authentic and consistent smiles – without any signs of showing dominance.”

Prince Harry talking on stage as he accepts Pat Tillman award at ESPY awards whilst holding trophy
Prince Harry served in the army for ten years (Credit: Youtube / ESPN)

Meghan Markle wanted event to be ‘all about Harry’

He also explained how often the Duchess of Sussex takes the “lead” whilst attending in engagements, but this time, she ensure Harry was in control.

“Meghan often takes a dominant lead in the engagements she attends with Harry. But she wanted her husband to be in control. It was her way of saying, ‘This is Harry’s night.’ Meghan wanted Harry to feel special and be the centre of attention. This was shown through her leaning into him a lot and gazing into his eyes. It reveals Meghan feels safe and loved while in his company.

“Harry reciprocated those feelings by adopting the dominant role and wanting to be the authoritative figure. He didn’t shy away from showing Meghan affection either, as he maintained a closeness to Meghan throughout the ceremony. Meghan felt a huge sense of pride, respect and compassion for all Harry has done. She still sees Harry as the love of her life and is happy to be by his side in these special moments.”

Pat Tillman Award

The prestigious award is in memory of Patrick Daniel Tillman Jr. Patrick was an American professional football player for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League. He left his sporting career to enlist in the United States Army in wake of the September 11 attacks.

Patrick sadly died two years after enlisting, in 2004. He died during a combat mission in Afghanistan, where he fell victim to friendly fire.

The award honours individuals who have made a significant impact through service, leadership, and community involvement. Prince Harry served in the British army for 10 years and through his work with the Invictus Games, has helped aid veterans in recovery via sport.

Royal fans fume over Prince Harry’s award for Invictus Games

Elsewhere, fans weren’t pleased with Harry’s award. It came amid a petition thousands of people signed in a bid to stop Harry receiving the award following news of his nomination.

On social media, one royal fan fumed: “He should be ashamed of himself. He founded it with Prince William and Princess of Wales. But yet again he wants all the glory.”

Another chimed in: “I thought royals don’t receive awards, they give them out!”

A third said: “Prince Harry should be ashamed to accept the Pat Tillman award. Give it to a deserving athlete Harry.”

A fourth stated: “No shame…”

However, some were supportive with one social media user gushing: “Harry and Meghan are both amazing his mum, Diana, would be extremely proud. He’s like her in every way. It is lovely seeing him so happy.”

Another added: “Congratulations to them, they have done wonderful things for veterans.”

A third penned: “Bravo Harry! You’ve changed the lives of many around the world through the Invictus Games.”

“Well deserved Harry,” praised another.

The Invictus Games were founded in 2014 by Prince Harry in partnership with the Ministry of Defense, and with the assistance of Sir Keith Mills.

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