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What happens Tuesday October 3



In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Tuesday, October 3), a love triangle begins as Cassie sets her sights on a married man.

After spending the night over at Kevin’s house, Cassie soon starts to develop feelings for him.

But, will she act on these feelings or let them go undiscovered in Coronation Street spoilers?

Cassie slept on Kev’s sofa (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Cassie sets her sights on Kevin

Last night (Monday, October 3), Cassie had a few drinks and didn’t want to face Tyrone.

Kevin then offered Cassie his sofa for the night, with Cassie telling Ty that she was kipping at a mates.

Tonight, Cassie goes to work and sticks to her story whilst Kev tells Abi that Cassie stayed on the sofa but he doesn’t want Ty to know.

Appreciative, Cassie goes to the garage and thanks Kevin for covering for her. However, Cassie soon looks at Kevin with lust as she sets her sights on him. But, will she let Kev know how she feels?

Liam has an asthma attack (Credit: ITV)

Liam’s rushed to hospital

Tonight, Liam, Dylan and Mason skip school. Mason, however, soon pressures the lads into trying a vape.

Feeling forced to give it a go, Liam suffers an asthma attack as Mason makes a run for it.

Dylan calls an ambulance as Maria and Gary share their horror at Liam hanging round with Mason, knowing that he’s trouble.

As Mason tells Maria that he didn’t have anything to do with Liam’s asthma attack, Liam then receives a threat from Mason.

Mason threatens to beat him up if he tells anyone the truth about what happened. But, will Liam tell Maria about Mason’s threats?

Eliza doesn’t want to come home (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Stu wants Eliza back

Eliza returns home but Stu’s not happy when Dom reveals that she’s only come to collect the rest of her things and can’t stay for tea.

Yasmeen then tells Stu that Eliza will soon return back home once the rose-tinted glasses are removed from her eyes.

With Stu having to endure the waiting game, he’s desperate for Eliza to come home. But, will she?

Jenny doesn’t want to move away (Credit: ITV)

Jenny crushes Stephen’s dreams

Jenny crushes Stephen’s dreams and tells him that she only wants to go to Thailand for a holiday.

However, Stephen then tells her that his mate is looking for a new bar manager out there, making her realise that Stephen is deadly serious about moving.

Jenny sticks to her decision despite this and tells Stephen that she’s not leaving Weatherfield. But, can Stephen persuade her to change her mind and leave the Street?

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Coronation Street usually airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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Coronation Street spoilers: Kit’s identity revealed




Coronation Street spoilers reveal that the true identity of Kit Green is revealed to Gemma and Paul. The newcomer recently came into their lives as the local police officer – and their secret sibling.

This came as a guilt-ridden Bernie tracked down her son after revealing to Dev that she’d given him up for adoption years ago. She reunited with Kit, but the twins remain unaware that their long-lost brother is living and working in Weatherfield.

How will Gemma and Paul react to the shock revelation that Kit is the brother that they never knew they had?

Kit talking to Gemma and Bernie on Corrie
Kit breaks the news to Gemma and Paul that he’s their brother (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Kit breaks the news

In The Rovers, Bernie waits to meet with Kit, planning to discuss how they’re going to tell Gemma and Paul that he’s actually their brother. However, Kit is already over at the flat… breaking the news himself.

He tells a shocked Paul and Gemma that they are actually related – and he’s their long-lost sibling.

How will Gemma and Paul react to the news that Kit is their brother?

Kit talking to Gemma and Paul on Corrie
How will the twins react to this shocking development? (Credit: ITV)

Bernie struggles as the news spreads

Later, depressed Bernie confides in Dev. She tells him about the difficulties she’s having with Paul and Gemma and trying to unite their family. Can she bring the three children together?

Meanwhile, out on the street, Beth flirts with Kit. She is stunned when he tells her that he’s Gemma’s brother – and that Bernie is his mother. How will the street residents react to news of Bernie’s long-lost son?

Later, Gemma tells Bernie that she and Paul are buying a wreath for Kit’s real mother. Dev advises her that she should send a floral tribute too.

What will Bernie do?

Coronation Street usually airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

For all the latest soap spoilers, news and chat come and join us at Soap Daily now!

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Nugget collapses after steroid abuse




EastEnders spoilers reveal that young Nugget Gulati collapses in the street after continuing to abuse steroids. At the hospital, doctors diagnose the unconscious teenager with kidney failure.

How will Ravi and his family react when they learn about Nugget’s steroid use?

Nugget collapsed on EastEnders
The family find Nugget collapsed outside (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Nugget collapses

As the teenagers are getting ready for a boxing tournament, Tommy teases Nugget. In a rage, Nugget flies off the handle.

Zack and Ravi pull the pair apart. Meanwhile, Denzel tells Nugget to calm down before people realise he’s on steroids.

Convinced that the youths are on something, Zack puts up a ‘drug test’ sign. Denzel freaks out, worried that he will be caught. He has no idea it’s just a deterrent.

Later, when Denzel fails to show up at the gym, Nugget goes out looking for him. However, he suddenly begins to feel ill, and heads to No.41 for help. However, he doesn’t make it inside… and collapses on the pavement.

Ravi leans over unconscious Nugget on EastEnders
Will Nugget pull through? (Credit: BBC)

Ravi and Priya learn about Nugget’s steroid abuse

Priya and Nish are at home when Avani bursts in, telling them that Nugget has collapsed. At the hospital, Ravi and Priya are inconsolable.

Back on Albert Square, Denzel heads to the tournament after a pep talk from Yolande.  He wins his match.

Back in the waiting room, Dr Miller tells the family that Nugget’s kidneys aren’t working properly. He asks if he’s been taking drugs – which they deny.

Nugget in hospital on EastEnders
The family are horrified to learn what Nugget has been up to (Credit: BBC)

However, after his chat with Zack last week, Ravi takes Dr Miller aside and tells him that he’s worried Nugget might have been using steroids. As Ravi and Priya start bickering about their failures as parents, they soon end up leaning on each other for support.

Priya is then left shocked when Dr Miller informs her that Nugget has been taking steroids.

Nugget talking to his mum on EastEnders
Will Nugget reveal where he got the drugs from? (Credit: BBC)

Denzel’s in a panic

Nugget regains consciousness, but Priya and Ravi are devastated when the doctors say his kidneys are not responding and he may need long-term dialysis.

As the pressure mounts, Nugget’s parents and the police press him to tell them who supplied the drugs. However, he remains firm in his refusal to say.

Back in Albert Square, Denzel is horrified to hear what’s happened to Nugget. Starting to panic, he hides at the Boxing Den to avoid his dad, where Zack finds him.

Will he open up to Zack about his drug use?

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EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One

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Belle lashes out at Charity




Emmerdale spoilers reveal that, as Charity Dingle begins to grow suspicious, Belle lashes out – violently rejecting her attempts to help. This comes as Charity and the other Dingle women question Belle about her marriage to Tom.

Fearful over what Tom might do, Belle rejects her family’s attempts to help. Can Charity convince the other women that something is seriously wrong with Belle?

And will Belle open up to Charity?

Charity talks to Belle on Emmerdale
Charity tries to get through to Belle (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Charity is worried for Belle

Belle panics as Charity, Chas, Mandy and Lydia all question her over her relationship with Tom. Worried, Charity pushes Belle to tell her what’s really going on.

However, their incessant questioning only succeeds in angering Belle, who storms out. Finding Belle upset outside the Woolpack, a concerned Charity very kindly asks her once again to open up about what’s wrong.

Will Belle come clean to Charity about Tom’s abuse?

Charity talks to Belle on Emmerdale
Will Belle tell Charity what Tom has been up to? (Credit: ITV)

Tom shuts Charity down

As Charity pushes her to tell her what’s up, Belle grows tearful. It’s clear Charity is getting closer to the truth. But, spotting Tom coming, Belle shuts down. She lashes out and shoves Charity out of her way in a blind panic.

Charity is left incredulous as Tom then stops her following Belle. He insists that his wife is struggling with her mental health and demands that Charity leave her alone.

Belle looks worried on Emmerdale, with Charity in the background
Belle shuts out Charity, while Tom makes a plan of his own (Credit: ITV)

The other women worry that Charity overreacted. She leaves the room, frustrated and worried that she’s missed her chance to convince them all that something is seriously wrong with Belle.

Can Charity make her family listen to reason?

Meanwhile, Tom makes a plan of his own. Scheming to take Belle away from her family once and for all, he sets about interviewing for a job in an extremely isolated part of Wales…

Can Charity save Belle in time?

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Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

What do you think of our story? For all the latest soap spoilers, news and chat come and join us at Soap Daily now!

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