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Everything the My Mum, Your Dad 2023 kids have been up to



It’s been a few weeks since My Mum, Your Dad 2023 ended and yes, we’re still missing it on our screens.

Since the show finished, the stars who featured have been up to a lot incuding the parents and their kids. If you didn’t watch the programme, it saw a bunch of parents head into a retreat in a bid to find love.

Their older children saw them off before heading into a bunker, where they watched their parents’ every move and decided who should go on dates and more.

But what have the kids been up to since filming ended? Well, there’s been cosy pictures, some baby news and many romantic denials. Let’s dive in…

Taiya and Monique from My Mum Your Dad on an Instagram Live
Taiya and Monique spoke about the new baby arrival recently (Credit: Instagram)

My Mum, Your Dad on ITV

The parents have been up to a lot since filming ended. Roger and Janey’s romance has blossomed further, Sharon and Elliott confirmed they’re still a thing while Natalie and Paul announced they had split. But what have their kids been up to?

There’s been some big baby news announced following filming. Monique’s daughter Taiya welcomed her first child. Sharing the news on Instagram, Taiya said: “To my Alora, I love you in a way I didn’t think existed until I held you in my arms. You are more than I could have ever imagined.

“You make me feel so whole and fill my heart with so much love and happiness. I promise to be everything you need and more A.”

During a video posted to Instagram Stories, Monique gushed: “Being a nanny is indescribable. I think you end up loving your grandchildren more than your own kids.”

My Mum Your Dad stars Mazey and Zach
Mazey and Zach sparked romance rumours (Credit: Instagram)

Is that a cosy picture?

In other news, stars Zach and Mazey sparked rumours they were a thing with a rather cosy snap. After filming, Janey’s son Will shared photos of the kids partying together.

I think you end up loving your grandchildren more than your own kids.

In the snaps, Zach and Mazey cuddled up to each other sparking rumours from fans. One fan reportedly commented: “Is it just me or would Mazey and Zach make a good couple?!!!!”

However, Zach later shut down any romance rumours with Mazey during an Instagram Q&A with dad Elliott. He said when asked if he’s dating her: “No unfortunately not, Mazey is absolutely gorgeous and we get on so well but unfortunately no, the rumours arent true, we aren’t together. And yeah I am single.”

My Mum, Your Dad stars Georgia, Tolullah, Paul and Mazey on This Morning
Some of the stars hinted at romances between the kids… (Credit: ITV)

Are there any romances blossoming?

Unfortunately, it seems no romances have blossomed between the kids since filming ended. However, during an appearance on This Morning, Mazey and dad Paul alongside Tolullah and daughter Georgia appeared to hint there was!

Host Craig Doyle said: “The chat in the office has been is how long until the kids start getting together.” To which Holly Willoughby asked: “Has there been any of that?”

There was an awkward silence before everyone started laughing. Paul said: “They all get on very well.”

Hmmm… we want to know more!

Elsewhere, Martin M’s son Luke is back in Ibiza and enjoying the beach and sun lifestyle, according to his dad.

Many of the kids also enjoyed Caroline’s daughter Karli’s 21st birthday in Glasgow recently including Will, Zach, Roger’s daughter Jess, Natalie’s son Kaliel, Sharon’s daughter Tia and Georgia.

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Meanwhile, many of the girls also attended Parklife festival in Manchester in June. Georgia, Karli, Tia, Martin H’s daughter Jess and Mazey all attended.

It’s been a busy few months!

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