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Savage Wife Swap UK fight resurfaces 18 years later



A savage Wife Swap UK fight has resurfaced recently, and it’s absolute British TV gold.

The clip, which is from 18 years ago, has found its way over to TikTok, and viewers are loving it! 

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Savage fight on Wife Swap UK resurfaces on TikTok

A clip from an 18-year-old episode of Wife Swap UK has, for some reason, resurfaced on TikTok recently.

For those who don’t know, Wife Swap UK was a Channel 4 show that saw two families swap wives and mums for two weeks. Usually, the wives were from totally contrasting backgrounds and social standings, leading to clashes with their “new” families.

At the end of the episodes, the wives and their husbands would meet with their counterparts and, more often than not, have big arguments.

The clip that has resurfaced features wives, Penny Roberts and Penny Blythe clashing during the table meeting towards the end of the episode.

The clip begins with Devon mother-of-three, Penny Roberts branding Penny Blythe an “awful mother”.

“You made out to me that you were an awful mother, and I’m sorry but I agree with you,” she said.

She then urged the Welsh mother to spend more time with her son, Harvey.

Penny Roberts on Wife Swap UK
Penny clashed with other Penny on Wife Swap UK (Credit: Channel 4)

Resurfaced Wife Swap UK clip descends into chaos

The clip then continues. Welsh Penny then says: “Can I just say something? You call yourself a housewife. When I read your manual, I [bleeped] myself laughing. I read your manual, and I thought I was in the wrong [bleeping] house.”

She then continued, accusing Devon Penny of allowing her children to “live in filth”.

“You are such a LIAR!” Devon Penny shouted. Welsh Penny then branded Devon Penny’s sister a “fat [bleep]”.

“That’s all your family are. You’re all fat,” she then said. Devon Penny didn’t like that.

“Who the [bleep] are you to call my family fat,” she fumed. “Well, you are!” Welsh Penny cried. “You stuck-up cow! Take your face off and stop hiding behind it. Get a [bleeping] grip with life and be there for your son,” Devon Penny retorted.

“You’re a stinking cow, go back to your hovel,” Welsh Penny said.

“Do you know what, you’re not [bleeping] worthy of my family. And do you know what else lady? I’m telling you, you’re a bad mother,” Devon Penny then said, before throwing a glass of water over Welsh Penny.

Penny Blythe and husband
Penny branded other Penny “fat” (Credit: Channel 4)

Viewers react to dramatic clip

TikTok users took the comment section to react to the dramatic clip, with one viewer branding Welsh Penny a “Wish Kat Slater”.

“Wife Swap back then was wild,” one TikTok user commented.

“Went as well as you could hope [laughing emoji] TEAM BLONDE PENNY,” another said.

“Glass of water? I would’ve been across the table, she would be minus a mullet,” a third wrote.

“That went really well I think,” another user said. “TV was so much better than now,” a fifth commented.

“TV gold. Bring it back!!!” another begged.

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Jasmine Harman on row with A Place in the Sun colleague husband Jon




Host of A Place in the Sun Jasmine Harman has been married to her cameraman husband Jon Boast for over 10 years. However, their only row happened on the set of the show.

Jasmine and Jon tied the knot in June 2009. Following their wedding, they started a family, welcoming a daughter Joy, and son Albion.

The married couple met on the set of A Place In The Sun in Portugal when Jon was behind the camera and Jasmine was hosting.

Jasmine Harman smiling
Jasmine met her husband on the set of A Place in the Sun (Credit:

‘I wouldn’t actually say it was love at first sight’

Before things got romantic, Jasmine admitted that she and Jon were just friends in the beginning.

“I wouldn’t actually say it was love at first sight, it was more of a slow burn. We met, became great friends and then we fell in love,” she told The Sun.

However, there was one particular moment when she knew she wanted to be more than just friends.

“We went out dancing one night that weekend and I like a man who’s not afraid to make a fool of himself on a dance floor,” she recalled to The Mirror. “He was just so much fun and I guess I fell in love.”

Jasmine and Jon fell out on set

Jasmine has stated that she and Jon aren’t the type of couple to argue. That said, they did fall out on set one time.

“The only time I think we fell out on set was when the director was taken ill during a shoot and so with the director gone, Jon and I had to decide whether he should be in charge or whether I should be in charge,” she revealed to the Express.

Jasmine Harman smiling

Explaining that the shoot “had to go on”, Jasmine stated: “That’s the only time we sort of disagreed or fell out on set.”

“We never argued, we were spending 24 hours a day together but we both really enjoyed it,” she added.

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Ant McPartlin takes stroll with baby Wilder and wife Anne-Marie




Ant McPartlin has been seen with his baby boy for the first time since announcing he had arrived into the world.

Baby Wilder was born on May 14, with Ant taking a fortnight off work ahead of this week’s BGT semi-finals.

And, during his paternity leave, new dad Ant made the most of his time with his new son.

A walk in the park for Ant McPartlin and baby Wilder

Earlier this week, Ant looked every inch the doting dad as he pushed a pram around a London park with wife Anne-Marie. Baby Wilder was safely wrapped up in his khaki-coloured pram, while Ant looked casual in shorts, a shirt and sunglasses.

Anne-Marie, meanwhile, wore a loose-fitting blue and white striped dress.

The couple, who held hands in the snaps, were accompanied by their beloved Maltipoo dogs, Bumble and Milo.

Ant McPartlin and Anne-Marie smiling on a night out
Ant McPartlin has recently welcomed his first baby with wife Anne-Marie (Credit: Splash News)

‘Besotted and slightly anxious’

Speaking to The Mirror, body language expert Judi James has analysed the outing. And it seems new dad Ant is not only keen to show off his “idyllic” new family unit, but he’s also feeling the pressure as a first-time dad.

Judi claimed: “Ant pushes this baby buggy with all the intense care and concentration of a man test-driving a brand new top-of-the-range Porsche here. His grip is so firm that his knuckles seem to go white and he gazes down at his new son like a besotted and slightly anxious first-time dad.

“At one point he reaches back with one hand to clasp a much more relaxed and confident-looking Anne-Marie’s hand in his own as though suddenly aware of the responsibility and downright excitement and delight of having two humans and some sweet dogs to look after.”

She then added: “With Anne-Marie holding his arm and the two dogs forging ahead, Ant seems keen to show this as an idyllic family unit, gazing into Anne-Marie’s eyes with a tense but wide smile.”

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Helen Flanagan and her children spent 11 days apart as they holiday with her ex




Helen Flanagan has revealed she felt like “such a horrible mummy” after her three children headed off on holiday with her ex Scott Sinclair for nearly two weeks.

The actress shared a video of herself being reunited with her kids to Instagram yesterday (May 26). Helen shares Matilda, eight, Delilah, five, and Charlie, three, with footballer Scott.

And, part of their co-parenting agreement means time away from the children for both parents – but it’s something Helen seems to struggle with.

Helen Flanagan looking straight to camera
Helen Flanagan has just spent 11 days away from her children (Credit: Splash News)

Helen Flanagan on ‘guilt’ at being away from her children

“Not seen my babies for 11 days as they were in Dubai with their daddy,” she shared. “I feel such a horrible mummy for not seeing them and guilty but I think it’s important for them to have a nice time with their daddy. I suppose mum guilt never goes no matter what you do.”

She then added: “They went on holiday with their lovely nanna too which helps me as I get lots of pictures of them looking really happy.”

Helen then addressed how she’s coping with her split now. “Feeling in such a better place then I did this time last year and I think it’s just time, it’s a massive healer. I look back at myself this time last year and I can give myself kindness and compassion for maybe looking for love in the wrong places and numbing how I felt.”

She added: “As mummys we just do our best at that time. Maybe I’ve not always got it right but always had the right intentions.”

‘I needed space to get my head together’

Helen then reflected on how motherhood has changed her.

“I feel like I’ve changed so many times since Matilda was born. We have grown together and our bond is really special. Charlie was one when me and his dad split.

“I remember in the build up to us separating I was still breastfeeding and I couldn’t get my baby boy off the boob. It made me feel quite trapped and stuck as I couldn’t do anything on my own independently. My baby needed to be stuck with me all the time. He would just cry for me – maybe because everything felt a lot emotionally.

“When I finally got Charlie off the boob at 14 months with help from a nanny I needed my space to get my head together and to feel like my own person and not just a mother but a woman too.”

Helen Flanagan admits ‘it all felt a bit sad’

“I do feel guilty for maybe not being as present with Charlie as I was with the girls. I struggled to sit and just play with him. To be honest I struggled to be in the house too much as it all felt a bit sad.

“Their daddy moved away for football and originally he surprised me with our family home that me and the kids live in. I suppose at the beginning I just didn’t want to take on the reality that it really was just me now and the three little ones. That was just a bit much for me.”

Helen concluded her post: “The beginning of the year was tricky and I felt so guilty for not being my best. I know I’ll have such a beautiful relationship with Charlie and the girls. Feel in such a happier place this summer and I’m so grateful.”

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