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Loose Women on ITV needs a revamp



A change is as good as a rest, as the proverb goes. Loose Women appears to have an absolute stranglehold on that ITV lunchtime slot, so probably isn’t going on hiatus any time soon.

The talk show series may have had the odd makeover over the years: a splash of paint on the set here, a new desk for the panelists to sit behind there.

But in the 24 years it has been on air, Loose Women has been the same old, same old, over and over again.

Loose Women on ITV – time for a revamp

Now, being on the box for that long without changing things up all that much could be see as a sign of success. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

We’re not expecting a dramatic new approach to filming, like having it broadcast in VR, or having 3D holograms of Jane Moore beamed into viewers’ front rooms, anything like that.

But with the line-up of panelists and hosts looking so very stale in 2023, we reckon it is time to pull out TV’s favourite trick: nostalgia.

So, let’s get some of these classic Loose Women contributors back on the show. It doesn’t matter why they haven’t been on in a while, whether it be because they yap on too much, are too provocative, or even completely irrelevant. Even better if they have a chip on their shoulder, or a grudge to bear. Time to shake the regulars up a bit!

Jane McDonald on Loose Women
Jane tells it like it is (Credit: ITV)

Get these stars back on Loose Women – Jane McDonald

Perennial telly fave Jane may have plenty on her plate trying on kimonos and dining out in robot restaurants in Japan for Channel 5. But there are fewer more genuine figures on TV who talk and think like the viewers at home do, rather than babbling buzzwords or pushing their own tedious theories. ITV should be falling over themselves to book Jane at least twice a week.

Katie Price on Loose Women
Bring Katie back! (Credit: ITV)

Katie Price

The former Jordan may be convinced Loose Women regulars aren’t all that fond of her. So let’s see what goes down when they have to share the same studio space with her. Nobody can ignore the Pricey when they’re in that close proximity. The downside is, of course, Katie may not have much to say unless it revolves around her.

Regardless, we want Katie on the panel again!

Carol McGiffin

Certainly one of the Loose Women old guard, and she hasn’t been away from the show all that long. But Carol has also certainly made a career out of getting a reaction out of people. And if she can help revive Loose Women’s pulse, we’d want her in a regular slot again. Come back Carol!

Carol Vorderman

Ex Countdown star Carol has come a long way from being Channel 4’s maths whiz. She’s now a full-on social media activist, and not afraid to stick it to The Man on Twitter. Let’s unleash that fearless calling out of crap on Loose Women!

Claire Sweeney on Loose Women
Bring back Claire please! (Credit: ITV)

Claire Sweeney

She’s popped back in a couple of times in 2012 and 2016. But current Corrie star Claire was previously a Loose Women regular between 2003 and 2005, and in 2010. Apart from Kaye Adam, Christine Lampard, Coleen Nolan, and Denise Welch, the accents heard on Loose Women are overwhelmingly southern ones – and that’s boring in itself.

Loose Women today: Stacey Solomon to return to the show
More Stacey, please! (Credit: ITV)

Stacey Solomon

Perhaps the most popular Loose Women star that people want to actually watch rather than slag off on Twitter, Stacey hasn’t been on since last year. Give the people what they want! Stacey may not be the most controversial of options, but her Instagram followers lap up her content. And if they all tune in, they might boost viewing figures.

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Loose Women airs on ITV, weekdays, at 12.30pm.

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Robert Leigh is a freelance entertainment and showbiz writer for Entertainment Daily with 20 years of experience working for nationals titles and magazines in the UK.

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Fans claim Tom needed to survive the electrocution




In last night’s episode of Emmerdale (Monday, June 24), Tom King electrocuted himself after violently smashing up the barn. He managed to survive the accident.

Tom had become enraged after finding out his wife Belle had undergone an abortion after telling him she’d had a miscarriage.

However, Emmerdale fans have shared their relief over Tom surviving the electrocution. Many are hoping he is finally set to get his comeuppance for abusing Belle.

Tom beating up a barn on Emmerdale
Tom smashed up the barn in a fit of rage (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Tom survives electrocution

After finding out Belle had secretly undergone an abortion, Tom lost all control of his temper and proceeded to head to the barn to let off some steam.

He trashed the barn with a crow bar in a fit of rage. However, his final hit proved to be nearly fatal when he electrocuted himself. Tom was knocked unconscious and his heart stopped.

Paddy found him in the barn and revived him. Rhona then headed over to Dale Head to inform Belle of her husband’s accident. Belle was at that moment trying make a getaway from her abusive husband. Tom was taken to hospital, where he scarily told Belle he is never leaving her.

Will Belle proceed with her plan to leave Tom?

Tom unconscious in Emmerdale
Tom was knocked unconscious after being electrocuted (Credit: ITV)

Justice to be served?

Emmerdale fans have shared their relief after Tom survived the electrocution, and many are glad he wasn’t killed off.

Viewers have expressed their hopes of Tom eventually being brought to justice for abusing Belle. Some predict the Dingles could be set to find out the truth about Belle and Tom’s marriage.

“Tom deserved that, but so glad he’s not been killed off, that would be the easy way out for him. When the truth gets out, Tom needs to be arrested. Feel so sorry for Belle, she nearly managed to escape,” one Emmerdale fan posted on Instagram.

A second agreed: “Hope he doesn’t lie and gets his comeuppance the proper way to set a good example to those who are actually going through something so abhorrent (the good example being that they can get proper justice).”

“That’s the least you deserve Tom!!! Just wait til the Dingles find out Emmerdale,” one fan said.

Someone else also explained: “This would have been too easy for his exit, he needs to suffer first.”

“Villagers need to know what he has put Belle through and what a nasty piece of work he is. So they can tell him to his face. Apart from that most of them won’t believe it after he has died. They still think he is Mr Wonderful,” One more added.

Read more: Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2024? Cast exits, arrivals and returns

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

Are you looking forward to Emmerdale? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think!

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Katie Price explains truth to news reports her neighbours ‘hate her’




Reality TV star Katie Price has recently set the record straight about news claims that her new neighbours are less than thrilled with her moving into the area.

The 46-year-old recently downsized from her Mucky Mansi0n and moved into a four-bed house in Sussex. However, articles have claimed that Katie’s new neighbours have reacted poorly to their new arrival.

In the media, it was reported that some neighbours were even considering selling their homes.

Katie Price news

The TV personality tackled these claims head-on during an episode of her podcast, The Katie Price Show.

In a snippet posted earlier today, Katie and co-host and sister Sophie discussed the rumours.

“They put a story up saying that all my neighbours hate me and a lot of them are like talking about putting their house up on the market because I’ve moved there,” she complained.

But according to Katie, the reality couldn’t be more different. She went on to explain her actual experience with those living nearby.

She said: “But I’d like to say I’ve got lovely neighbours because they’ve all given me cards, been round, introduced themselves, and I’ve got lovely neighbours, and I l0ve it that they’ve welcomed me there.”

The former model concluded her defence with a defiant remark: “So up yours media. Another **** story.”

Katie Price
Katie Price debunked rumours that her new neighbours hate her. (Credit: Cover Images)

Fans react

Fans of the star took to the comments to share their support.

“When I read that story online that’s exactly what I thought! What a load of ****,” one fan fumed.

“Don’t worry @thekatiepriceshow you’re well liked,” another shared her support for the star.

A third cheered: “Well done. Keep calling it out. Don’t let them win.”

“F the haters @katieprice best of luck in your new home,” a fourth commented.

Katie Price smiling with curly hair at NTAs
Katie is planning to get more plastic surgery(Credit: Cover Images)

Katie Price on plastic surgery

Meanwhile, the I’m A Celebrity alum has recently announced her intention to go under the knife yet again.

Katie is famous for her countless plastic surgeries – which include a facelift and multiple boob jobs.

In a new interview with MailOnline, the star gushed about wanting to be a “Bratz doll”.

“It’s my body and I do what I want to do. That’s how it should be, our body, your choice,” she defended herself. She also revealed she is planning to have a 17th boob job and a sixth facelift.

Read more: Katie Price makes plastic surgery vow as she prepares for 17th boob job and sixth facelift

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Tess Daly stuns in swimsuit on Instagram on break away




Tess Daly has delighted her Instagram fans with some snaps from a recent trip away.

“Couple of days away and even brought the boys along,” Tess captioned the carousel of photos.

They show her kicking back in the pool in a gorgeous white swimsuit which showed off her enviable tan, before enjoying a scrummy-looking lunch out.

By “boys”, she of course meant her beloved dogs, one of which can be seen basking in the sun with her.

Tess Daly on Instagram

Tess’s many adoring followers couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous photos, with the comment section flooding with love for the Strictly presenter.

“Love it. The swimming pool picture looks like something straight out of an old Hollywood movie!” One person said.

A second follower commented: “Looks like an idyllic getaway, Tess! Love that you brought the furry kids along.”

A third also told Tess: “ENJOY. Looks lovely. Lie back relax !”

“Gorgeous,” commented several others, with many also asking where Tess’s swimsuit and handbag had come from.

Tess Daly’s ‘friendship’ with Queen Camilla

Many speculated over whether the star had been holidaying in Windsor, which seems fitting after it was recently revealed that Tess has a royal connection. 

Tess Daly at the BAFTAs
Tess has been mixing with royalty! (Credit: Cover Images)

Earlier this week, Tess’s hubby Vernon Kay let slip that Tess is pals with none other than Queen Camilla, who is apparently a big Strictly Come Dancing fan.

“Camilla and Tess have a real friendship through it now,” Vernon told The Sun. “When they see each other, the Queen is always asking: ‘Who is your favourite?’ She wants to know the backstage gossip.”

Read more: Tess Daly has ‘real friendship’ with Queen Camilla as royal ‘big Strictly fan’, says husband Vernon Kay

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