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Emmerdale star Eden Taylor-Draper hints Belle is in danger from Tom



Eden Taylor-Draper has revealed her Emmerdale alter ego Belle Dingle could be in danger in upcoming scenes as she moves in with boyfriend Tom King.

The pair have reconnected since his return, but recently we’ve seen a more sinister side to him. And fans are convinced he’s not the Mr Nice Guy he seems.

Belle actress Eden has now dropped a huge hint that fans could be on to something…

Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle in Emmerdale, poses on the red carpet at the Cure Usher ball
Eden opened up about her character’s future (Credit:

Eden Taylor-Draper on Tom King return

Speaking to at the recent Cure Usher ball, Eden said: “It’s hard because he’s a lovely guy and she’s in love with him, but who knows how much of a good guy he is.”

And recent scenes have certainly suggested he’s not that good at all…

Earlier this month Belle started to get jealous of his friendship with Dawn. And after Tom had his car stolen and was beaten up, he blamed Belle’s jealousy for the whole thing.

Fans immediately jumped on it and one theory suggested the relationship is set to turn abusive.

Belle and Tom smiling on Emmerdale
The couple are moving in together – but is it a good idea? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Tom King to abuse Belle?

Some soap fans have noticed that Tom’s been acting suspicious and has been quick to lash out at Belle despite her only looking out for him.

One fan wrote: “Belle and Tom’s relationship doesn’t look like it’s heading down a nice path.”

Another fan added to the theory and questioned: “Is Tom and Belle’s relationship going to turn abusive I wonder?”

Replying to this idea, a third fan wondered: “I wonder if they are going to tease that he might be like Carl?”

There’s no denying that Tom’s late dad, Carl King, didn’t treat women that well (just ask Chas!) But, could Tom be turning into his father?

Tom tries to talk to Charles in the Woolpack
Tom got on the wrong end of an angry Charles (Credit: ITV)

Tom’s behaviour sparks more concern

Then this week on screen, Tom was seemingly forcing Belle to agree to move in with him. He also found himself in a violent altercation with Charles Anderson.

Many fans have pointed out Tom is definitely hiding something, dubbing him ‘a right little weasel.’ Meanwhile, others have found his behaviour with Belle to be suspect, particularly in his hurry to move in together.

What is Tom up to?

Writing on Twitter (now X), a number of Emmerdale fans called out Tom for his behaviour in this week’s episode.

“I don’t trust Tom. He is indirectly forcing Belle to move in with him. It’s creepy and borderline controlling,” said one fan.

“Tom is a right little weasel,” wrote another. “What is Tom’s game? Weird guy,” questioned a third fan.

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Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

For all the latest soap spoilers, news and chat come and join us at Soap Daily now!

Carena Crawford has been in the soap game for 15 years, working on magazines including All About Soap, Inside Soap and Reveal. She’s pulled pints in the Rovers, the Woolpack, The Vic, and The Dog, interviewing the landlords, landladies and most of the regulars, and has been known to predict more than a few upcoming storylines.

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9 exciting EastEnders spoilers for next week including Ian’s secret!




EastEnders spoilers for next week have revealed huge drama for the Beale family, a new venture for Lauren, and trauma for unsuspecting Anna.

Here’s what’s coming up in EastEnders spoilers for next week.

Cindy is sure Ian is up to something! (Credit: BBC)

1. Ian’s keeping a secret from Cindy!

Ian’s been up to something and Cindy is on his case! She’s absolutely convinced her fella is cheating on her. And when Ian announces he’s off to a leadership course, she’s sure he’s lying.

Cindy is spying on Ian but what will she find out? (Credit: BBC)

When she sees what she’s got in his suitcase, her suspicions are piqued further. Determined to get to the bottom of things she confronts Kathy, but she doesn’t know anything. Cindy, though, thinks she’s lying to cover for whatever Ian’s up to.

Cindy gets George involved in her subterfuge! (Credit: BBC)

So she goes straight to Ian and demands to know if he’s having an affair. He says he isn’t, but later, Cindy makes another discovery that makes her think he’s still lying.

She corners George and talks him into driving her to a mysterious address. What will they discover?

Anna’s been teasing Bobby (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: 2. Anna teases Bobby

After Bobby goes to puppy training with Tyson, Anna’s worried her boyfriend is a bit of a pushover. She and Freddie playfully tease him and encourage him to be more assertive.

Will Bobby follow Anna’s advice?

Bobby begs Peter to tell him what’s going on (Credit: BBC)

3. Peter’s on the case!

Peter doesn’t trust his dad either, and he knows there’s something up. So he hatches a plan to get to the bottom of Ian’s lies. Meanwhile, Anna and Freddie are teasing Bobby and encouraging him to be more assertive.

Bobby wants to know what Peter is planning (Credit: BBC)

When Peter refuses to tell his brother what he’s up to, Bobby channels his new assertive personality.

Peter borrows Martin’s van (Credit: BBC)

As Peter borrows Martin’s van and heads off to follow his dad, Bobby sneaks into the back and goes too!

Bobby sneaks into the back of the van (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: 4. Lauren has a lot on her plate

Lauren’s got a job interview but she’s fretting about it, and things are made even worse when the bailiffs show up, demanding payment for an old credit card debt.

Everyone’s playing football in the Square (Credit: BBC)

Feeling antsy anyway, Lauren’s surprised and a bit ruffled when she finds Louie playing football in the Square with Junior, Alfie and Tommy.

Lauren’s feathers are ruffled by Junior (Credit: BBC)

She’s even more prickly when Junior questions Louie’s academic skills and put out, Lauren leaves.

Junior’s got some questions for Louie (Credit: BBC)

What is Junior suggesting about little Louie?

Lauren isn’t happy with Junior (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: 5. Surprise!

Ian looks shady as he's confronted by Cindy on EastEnders
Cindy confronts Ian (Credit: BBC)

After tracking Ian down to a mysterious cottage, Cindy decides it’s time to confront her lying fella!

Cindy and George confront Ian on EastEnders
Will Ian admit what he’s doing there? And who with?! (Credit: BBC)

She and George go to the door of the cottage and find Ian inside.

Ian talks to Cindy on EastEnders
Does Ian have something to confess? (Credit: BBC)

But what is Ian up to? And who has been sending him the mysterious messages?

Cindy is shocked (Credit: BBC)

6. Spiking horror

Gina and Anna are off on a night out, with Gina convinced there’s a spark between her sister and Freddie Slater.

Everyone’s enjoying the night out! (Credit: BBC)

Gina is determined to get to the bottom of how her sister is feeling but Anna insists Bobby is the man for her.

Felix and Gina are having a great night (Credit: BBC)

The group are worried about Anna though when they realise her odd behaviour means she could have had her drink spiked.

Anna starts behaving oddly and Freddie is worried (Credit: BBC)

As the realisation sinks in that Anna might not just be drunk, Gina and the others are frantic with worry. They try to find Anna but she is nowhere to be seen.

The drinks are flowing but what’s in Anna’s? (Credit: BBC)

Can they find Anna before anything really sinister happens?

Anna holding a drink on a night out in EastEnders
Anna is spiked (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: 7. Who’s responsible?

Anna wakes up in hospital after her drink spiking experience and she’s shocked to realise what has happened to her.

Anna in hospital with Gina on EastEnders
Gina is at her sister’s bedside (Credit: BBC)

Anna’s upset about everything that’s happened and doesn’t want to report it to the police.

Gina tries to persuade Anna to report her drink spiking (Credit: BBC)

Gina tries to talk her sister into going to the police, but Anna won’t budge.

Anna won’t listen to Gina’s pleas (Credit: BBC)

8. Can Freddie work his magic?

When Anna gets discharged, she’s still not keen on taking matters further. Gina is overwhelmed by the whole thing and she’s grateful when Freddie shows up to support her sister.

Freddie talking to Anna on EastEnders
Freddie supports Anna (Credit: BBC)

Can Freddie talk his friend into going to the police?

Can Freddie change Anna’s mind? (Credit: BBC)

9. Family ties?

Lauren’s still stressed out – worried about Louie’s struggles at school and upset that she thinks no one is taking her concerns seriously.

Lauren worries about Louie (Credit: BBC)

Plus she’s got her trial shift at the car lot today. Can she charm enough customers to convince Jay to give her a job?

Lauren’s cross with Peter (Credit: BBC)

With the worries playing on her mind, Lauren isn’t impressed when Peter shows up. He tries to prove he’s there for Lauren and Louie but she storms off when he accidentally offends her.

Lauren is frosty with Junior – at first (Credit: BBC)

In the mood to smooth things over, Peter first of all catches up with Junior and the pair share a pint and make amends.

Peter watches as Lauren talks to Junior (Credit: BBC)

Then Peter goes to collect Louie from school.

Later in the cafe, he asks Lauren to move in with him, and apologises for not being around.

Lauren asks for time to think. Can they make it work as a family?

Lauren’s got a trial shift at the car lot (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One

EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One

What do you think of this story? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think!

For all the latest soap spoilers, news and chat come and join us at Soap Daily now!

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Emmerdale’s Holly Barton: Her tragic story




Holly Barton was in Emmerdale on and off from 2009 until 2016. Today (Thursday, July 11), Moira mentioned how it will eight years since Holly died in September.

September 29, 2024 will mark the eighth year anniversary of Holly’s tragic death.

But who is Holly and how did she die in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale Feb 7 Moira tries to pacify Amy telling her she will try and get through to Cain
Moira was Holly’s mother (Credit: ITV)

Who was Holly Barton in Emmerdale?

Holly was the daughter of Moira Dingle and John Barton. She was also the older sister of Matty and older half-sister of Adam and Isaac.

Holly was played by actress Sophie Powles.

What else has Sophie Powles been in?

Before Emmerdale Sophie appeared in Holby City and Dalziel and Pascoe.

In 2008, she played Ronnie in TV series Britannia High.

Sophie has also worked on documentaries The Salt Trail and Tictoc as a producer and associate producer.

Roz would give Holly drugs (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Holly’s drug addiction

Holly got into drugs when she was a teenager at college and by age 19 she was an addict.

Holly’s friend Roz supplied her with the drugs and she ended up overdosing on a night out. However Aaron Dingle found her in time.

Later, Holly and Roz were looking after Ashley and Laurel‘s kids when Holly insisted on taking cocaine.

When the couple returned home Laurel was suspicious of her behaviour and later they found a wrap of cocaine.

Holly blamed Roz for the cocaine. But Roz was furious and told Moira and John about Holly’s drug problem.

Holly continued to struggle with addiction and eventually Moira tried to wean her off it slowly. But when John offered to take the drugs with her, Holly decided it was time she got help.

After John’s death, Alex Moss found Holly in a barn with drugs she purchased from a dealer. He managed to take them off her.

But later Cain found her unconscious at the garage with drugs beside her and took her to hospital.

When she woke up she told her family it was a one off and began to see a drugs councillor.

In 2012, she moved to London but in 2016 she decided to return to the village.

Holly struggled after John’s death (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Holly’s return and relapse

Holly returned to the village and stole Cain’s car to try and pay off her drug addiction fines worth £2000.

But Cain, who was now Holly’s stepdad, soon saw Holly’s drug dealer off.

In May 2016, Holly kissed Cain and when Moira found out, she made out Cain was the one who tried it on with her.

When Cain and Moira rejected her, Holly relapsed on heroin.

This time she was found by her cousins Ross and Pete. Moira tried to send her to rehab.

Holly and Jai started an affair (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

How did Holly die in Emmerdale?

Eventually Holly got clean again and wanted to pursue a career in photography. She landed a job at Take A Vow and took the photos for David and Tracy‘s wedding.

She also formed a friendship with Jai Sharma which turned into a relationship and they planned to go public as a couple.

The two even attended Holly’s friend’s wedding together, where Holly was the photographer.

But after returning from her friend’s wedding Holly went to her room.

The next day, Moira went to wake her up, but she found her daughter dead and a heroin wrapper on the floor.

Her death left her family devastated.

Emmerdale Suzy is torn as she dumps Vanessa
Suzy knew Holly (Credit: ITV)

What is Holly’s connection to Suzy?

After Suzy Merton’s arrival in the village, it was revealed she knew Leyla Cavanagh as they had been doing cocaine together.

Leyla and Suzy began working together and they had a meeting to discuss using her barn for weddings.

But when Suzy asked about using a nearby field, Moira explained that field couldn’t be used as her daughter Holly was buried there.

When Suzy spotted a picture of Holly, she realised she was Moira’s daughter and made her excuses to leave.

Later Leyla questioned Suzy and she explained that she knew Holly.

Suzy told Leyla that back in 2016 she hired Holly to be the photographer at some of the weddings she organised.

One of the weddings was on Suzy’s birthday.

Suzy was unaware that Holly was an addict and at the wedding she asked Holly if she could meet with her dealer to buy cocaine for her birthday celebrations afterwards.

Suzy gave Holly the money and Holly met Suzy’s dealer, but she bought heroin and took it.

When Suzy found out she was furious with Holly and had a go at her.

Holly went home and overdosed on the heroin she bought with Suzy’s money. However Suzy didn’t know that Holly had died that day.

After Suzy told Leyla about what happened, she looked on a memorial page for Holly and realised she died on her birthday.

Suzy pieced together that she gave Holly the money for the drugs that killed her and told Leyla.

Moira recently had a remembrance do for Holly (Credit: ITV)

Moira and Suzy

Eventually Moira found out that Suzy gave Holly the money for the drugs and was devastated.

Although Moira and Matty were both upset to learn about Suzy’s involvement, Moira realised that Suzy wasn’t responsible for Holly’s addiction.

At Holly’s remembrance do, Suzy asked Moira if she could pay her respects to Holly and Moira was grateful.

Read more: Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2024?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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Tess Daly ‘heartbroken’ after eldest daughter leaves home




Strictly host Tess Daly, 55,  revealed this week she was left extremely emotional after saying goodbye to her eldest daughter, Phoebe, 19, when she left home for university.

The teenager recently moved out, leaving the Strictly Come Dancing presenter heartbroken. Phoebe is the eldest of two daughters Tess shares with husband Vernon Kay.

Now, a source has predicted more heartache is to come for the family matriarch…

Tess Daly on daughter Phoebe heading to uni

In an interview with Hello! this week, Tess revealed that the milestone of Phoebe going to uni hit her hard. She said: “I remember when she first went, with all her bags and her first frying pan… a plate for one, knife and fork for one. I was heartbroken just dropping her off and waving goodbye.”

She added: “I remember sobbing all the way back down the motorway, because she’s my baby, my first-born. I’m her best friend, it really broke my heart.”

The mum-of-two also admitted that navigating the teenage years can be tricky, but said: “I’m lucky, as I’ve got two really good girls. You have to negotiate those teenage moods and hormones. For me, every step along the journey of parenting has been precious.”

‘Nothing will be the same again’

Earlier today (July 11), a source claimed to OK! that more struggles are to come for Tess.

“She is really looking forward to the summer as Phoebe is home and even though she’s busy with her own life, Tess feels better when both her girls are under the same roof as her and Vernon. She’s already dreading September as Phoebe will be off again and no doubt she’ll be an emotional wreck when they have to drop her off,” the insider speculated.

They then added about Tess and Vernon’s youngest, Amber: “Amber will also be in her final year of secondary school, doing her GCSEs and it’s something Tess struggles to cope with. She’ll be 16 next year and probably going away with her friends for the first time.

“As much as Tess loves seeing them grow up into beautiful young women, it breaks her heart that they’re no longer little girls and nothing will be the same again.. Everything has changed and sometimes she wishes she could turn back time as she is worried about losing them.”

Phoebe on the red carpet with her dad Vernon Kay
Phoebe recently stepped out on the red carpet with dad Vernon (Credit: Splash News)

Tess and Vernon’s family history

Tess and husband Vernon became parents to Phoebe in 2004, a year after tying the knot in Norwich, Vernon’s hometown.

In 2009, second daughter, Amber, joined the family.

The couple met in 2001, on the set of Channel 4’s T4, with Tess describing their first meeting as “explosive”.

The glamorous duo have one of the longest-running marriages in showbiz, overcoming Vernon’s sexting scandals in 2010 and in 2016 to become stronger than ever.

Tess Daly and Vernon Kay on their wedding day in 2003
Tess Daly and Vernon Kay on their wedding day in 2003 (Credit:

Surprise vow renewal

In 2020, during the 20th season of I’m a Celebrity…, Vernon revealed that the loved-up couple had celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows, with Phoebe and Amber as bridesmaids.

He shared details about the secret ceremony during a campsite chat with Giovanna Fletcher and confessed that he planned the romantic gesture as a surprise for Tess.

This year the couple celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary, and Tess admits she still thinks Vernon is “wonderful”. Discussing their happy marriage with Hello, Tess said the secret is being “completely comfortable together” She added that they “get along and it’s just easy”.

Strictly’s 20th anniversary

Tess will be back on our screens this autumn, when Strictly Come Dancing returns for its 20th anniversary series.

After Giovanni Pernice quit the show earlier this year, Aljaz Skorjanec has announced he will return for the 20th series, after a two-year break.

Giovanni announced his departure from the show after a string of allegations about his behaviour from former dance partners.

The 20th series looks set to be the biggest yet, with number of big-name contestants reportedly lined up to take part. Watch this space to find out more about the contestants when they are announced.

Read more: Tess Daly stuns in swimwear on break away

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